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New Street Fighter 6 dev gameplay footage shows off incredibly powerful tactic

By John ‘Velociraptor’ Guerrero

25 power | New Street Fighter 6 dev gameplay footage shows off incredibly powerful tactic | The Paradise News

While it’s not quite fresh information about the contents of the game, Game Informer did share some new footage of Capcom developers playing a few Street Fighter 6 matches today. These people have played and explored the game more than virtually anyone else on the planet, and we’re seeing some strategies from them that we simply can’t ignore.

It’s not that we didn’t know about neutral Drive Rush cancelling before today, but seeing this implemented by players who know what they’re doing has been eye-opening to say the least… and a bit scary to say more.

For just one bar of Drive Gauge, you can cause your character to dash cancel out of a parry and rapidly close in on your opponent. Any attack following this maneuver gets an additional 4 frames of hit stun, meaning better advantage on block and bigger combos on hit, but that’s not all.

It looks as though there’s a brief, but noticeable screen freeze during Drive Rush Cancels, which means the aggressor will have a few extra frames to see if their opponent is already committed to a maneuver and thus potentially confirm whether or not their approach is going to be fruitful.

It’s still too early to make many assumptions, but this looks more like a “skipping neutral” tactic than virtually anything else we’ve seen in Street Fighter 6 thus far (yes, that very much includes Drive Impact).

Catalyst and I discuss what we’re seeing in these matches and the further implications in the video below.

One of us is a little more nervous about this being detrimental than the other, but both surely recognize the potential power here and have to wonder if this will broadly update the way we look at SF6 gameplay.

We also take some time to talk about the apparent power of wake up or otherwise defensive Super attacks in this game, as that appears to perhaps be more prominent than in Street Fighter 5.

Catalyst also has a bit to say about Capcom developers showing up to Pro Tour events as final bosses, and you can find timestamps below the embed if you’d like to jump around to different parts of the dialogue.

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00:00 – Intro

01:30 – Drive Rush cancelling seems POWERFUL

03:30 – Why Drive Rush cancels look so hard to deal with

08:00 – Comparing to Third Strike and Street Fighter 5 neutral and pace

12:45 – Wake Up Supers look like they’ll be common

15:58 – Capcom dev final bosses at tournaments?

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