Neville at last gives Arsenal some credit “We’ve got a hell of a title race.” (if we stop conceding goals)

Neville at last gives Arsenal some credit “We’ve got a hell of a title race.” (if we stop conceding goals)

Arsenal have been fantastic this season, and if all goes well, they could be crowned Premier League champions in May. However, with 12 league games remaining, anything can happen, and Arsenal could lose the Premier League title battle. They must be flawless in the final league games, as even small errors can cost them. One error, or issue, that Arsenal must rectify is conceding too many goals in recent games. Arsenal have conceded cheaply in recent games, which Gary Neville believes must be stopped to support Arsenal’s title bid.

“But they made it really difficult for themselves. They’ve got a real momentum, they’ve got a spirit building, the fans are with them, I would say to them they’ve got to stop conceding goals,” said Neville on his Gary Neville Podcast.

“It sounds like a really simple thing to say, but when you concede goals on a run-in, it’s really tough, and they’ve conceded two against Bournemouth, they’ve conceded against Brentford, they’ve conceded against United, Villa, City. They’ve conceded quite a few goals—I think 11 in the last eight games.

“So they just need to manage that a little bit because they’ve got 12 games to go now. City still aren’t playing at their fluent best. We’ve got a hell of a title race.”

Interestingly, Arsenal had only conceded 11 goals in 14 games prior to the World Cup, but since the league restarted in December, they have conceded 14 goals in 12 games. This stat demonstrates that Arsenal’s defence requires improvement.

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