NBL ‘Slaps’ Christianity on the Faith Face

NBL ‘Slaps’ Christianity on the Faith Face

The Christmas Day NBL game planned between Sydney Kings and Melbourne United is blatant attempt to undermine and belittle the faith of Australian Christians.

“The NBL chairman who says ‘we are a changing society’ and that ‘…the innovation better reflected a diverse Australian society’ has failed to factor in the fact that NBL has numerous Christian players and followers who will be stifled from celebrating one the most sacred days on the Christian calendar,” said Greg Bondar, FamilyVoice spokesman.

The NBL chairman needs to understand that Christmas is celebrated to remember the birth of Jesus Christ and his plan to have a game planned on Christmas Day, which is also a Sunday in 2022, is a slap on the face of Christianity.

The NBL chairman also needs to remember that the Big Bash League considered re-instituting a Christmas Day cricket match in 2019 but opted against the idea after an unfavourable reception from players.

FamilyVoice is urging all Christians and NBL players to boycott the game by not attending and turning off the TV.

“Can we please let Christians be Christians and afford them the respect that others are afforded,” added Bondar.

An ‘Open Letter’ has been sent to the Board of the NBL.

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