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Nauru is on alert as new covid-19 cases surge ahead

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Tweet: As the number of covid cases continues to grow, the leader of Nauru has asked residents to remain indoors.

To prevent the further spread of the COVID-19 virus, the President of Nauru, Lionel Aingimea, has urged locals to cover their faces, maintain social distance, and remain indoors.

In the community of Nauru, which is experiencing its first spread of Covid-19, there have been 372 persons who have screened positive for the virus so far.

Director of the Government Communications Office Joanna Olsson stated that 2,242 persons had been tested as of the 20th of June.

On Friday, June 17, early detection of three cases was made in relation to this outbreak, which was the first of its sort in the town.

According to President Lionel Aingimea, the victims are either being treated at home, in quarantine centers, or at an intensive care unit that operates under pressure.

Aingimea stated that the facilities for the quarantine are practically at capacity and that the authorities will soon rely on residential isolation.

RNZ Pacific was informed by a Boe District resident who requested anonymity that residents are kept inside their homes in an effort to prevent the illness from spreading further.

He stated that some individuals were becoming anxious despite the high immunization rates.

In order to provide assistance to people during this time, the government has initiated the mobilization of welfare assistance, and an ex-gratia payout will be provided to government and SOE personnel, pensioners, and beneficiaries of disability benefits.

The provision of car wash services has been halted in an effort to mitigate the rapid transmission of the infection.

According to Mr. Aingimea, the presence of excessive crowding and lines of waiting for customers at vehicle wash stations creates an ideal environment for the transmission of the virus.

The vaccination rate on Nauru is extremely high, coming in at 98 percent.

Both food carts and hawkers would be allowed to serve food, but customers will be expected to wear gloves and masks and keep at least 1.5 meters of social distance between themselves and each seller.

It has been determined that car wash services are not needed, and those that provide them have been advised to temporarily halt their business activities.

Overcrowding and waiting in line at car wash facilities, according to the government of Nauru, create an environment in which the virus can more easily spread.