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Naira slightly increase against the US dollar

images28329 1 | Naira slightly increase against the US dollar | The Paradise News

Recently the equivalency of Naira to dollar has marveled a lot of Nigerians as it’s hit a record high since the creation of the Nigerian Naira.

Few days ago the naira to dollar amount climbed to a record of 7% which has destroyed most businesses and rendered a lot of people absurdity. The naira was about N199.79 official price and N305 market price. This alone will stand on the way of brutalizing the economy. As lots of people keep complaining of loosing sales and partnership.

Yesterday and today, there’s been a stability in the market as the price slightly dropped to N199.1 official price and N290 market price. This price is still high as most Nigerians are awaiting the $1 = N160 thing or even lesser at least.

Dollar to Naira now stands:

Official = N199.1
Market = N290