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‘MultiVersus’ tier list: ranking all 17 characters from best to worst

By Will Nelson

With platform fighter MultiVersus currently having 17 playable characters across its roster and five available from the start (four of which rotate), it can be difficult to choose who to invest your time into. Couple that with 1v1 and 2v2 matchups alongside five different classes, and it gets even harder. That’s why we put together a tier list of the best and worst of the Season One roster, whilst explaining a little about how each character plays as we go.

Season One has arrived in MultiVersus, and pretty much every character has undergone some changes. As the meta evolves, we’ll be sure to update this tier list, but for now, we’re still waiting for the dust to settle. We won’t be including perk abilities in this list, instead going for how easy each character is to get to grips with, their offensive and defensive capabilities, and general playstyle.

Every character, unlocked or not, can also be played in The Lab for free, with a number of tweaks letting you experiment however you see fit before taking them online (if you’re wondering about Toast in MultiVersus, we’ve got you covered here too). So be sure to jump into The Lab after checking out our list.

MultiVersus tier list 

MultiVersus Tier List. Credit: Tiermaker.

  • S Tier: Bugs Bunny, Finn, Harley Quinn, Batman
  • A Tier: Shaggy, Jake The Dog, Tom And Jerry, Superman
  • B Tier: Velma, Taz, Wonder Woman, LeBron James, Garnet, Stephen Universe, Arya Stark, Reindog
  • C Tier: Iron Giant

MultiVersus character list

Multiversus Bugs and Arya
Multiversus. Credit: Player First Games.

Bugs Bunny

With an array of different ranged, passive and status inflicting moves, Bugs can be a tricky character to get your head around. With projectile pies that inflict slowdown, the ability to stun opponents, the choice of any random item to be used mid-fight, and even tunnels usable by both you and your ally in 2v2, Bugs is a chaotic force.

Whilst he’s got a steep learning curve, Bugs has such a strong set of all-round moves that he’s right near the top of MultiVersus’ best characters.


Finn is an excellent starting point for those who’ve played Super Smash Bros. – especially anyone familiar with Link in those games. Finn moves fast and does high damage, with his neutral, up and side specials incentivising close-quarters combat. The character is easy to get to grips with and effective offensively at close range.

What sets Finn apart – in both 1v1 and 2v2 modes – is his coin ability. Players can pick up coins as they hit enemies to increase the power of their special attacks, or to buy three shop items with their down special. These can increase team speed, give a projectile shield, or summon BMO for a powerful down special attack. It can be tricky to shop on the fly, but once you get a hang of it these buffs make Finn an even more viable fighter.

MultiVersus roster
MultiVersus. Credit: Player First Games.

Harley Quinn

A fast Assassin, Harley Quinn is all about getting the opponent in the air and controlling them with combos. She’s also just incredibly easy to get to grips with, having an array of quick and hard-hitting moves in both her attacks and specials.

Harley is high on this list due to her map control and ability to ignite. Her down special sets up a jack-in-the-box that can punish players for getting too close and control areas of the stage (depending on the map), and her neutral can attach a bat bomb that explodes after a set time. Her ignite ability also does damage over time, and can be stacked to increase how long it stays lit for.


The Dark Knight is a great all-rounder for new and experienced players alike. As a vertical Bruiser he’s great at getting foes up in the air, whilst also having effective close range hits and long range gadgets. Some of his attacks even inflict Weakend, which lets you do more damage and inflict greater knockback. That said, it can be a little tricky to set up solid Weakened combos at first, even if Batman can hit fast and hard.

Players do need to make sure they work around the Batarang and Bat-bomb cooldowns however, with over-reliance on them easily punishable.

MultiVersus | ‘MultiVersus’ tier list: ranking all 17 characters from best to worst | The Paradise News
MultiVersus. Credit: Player First Games


Like, zoinks dude, Shaggy is pretty good! A solid close range fighter with some useful ally abilities in a 2v2 match-up, Shaggy is easy to learn and can hit opponents pretty far. His chargeable rage ability also lets him hit harder and farther, making him a Bruiser that’s worth a shot.

Shaggy’s thrown sandwich can heal allies and when raged it applies enraged – which lets the next attack apply full stacks of Weakened – to his allies, but outside of that what lets him down is his solitary nature in a 2v2 match.

Jake The Dog

As a Bruiser, Jake is all about hitting hard and map and enemy control. His abilities to run fast and hit hard as a horse, incapacitate enemies by eating them for a brief moment, and a vertical stretch that can control the stage add up to make a great Bruiser that can frustrate your opponent in a 1v1 whilst keeping the pressure off in a 2v2.

Tom And Jerry

What makes Tom and Jerry so visually unique is that they aren’t actually fighting the other characters in MultiVersus, but each other instead. Another tricky one to master, Tom and Jerry offer a lot of stage control. The Player can throw Jerry across the screen, letting them commit to moves that send projectiles between the two characters that do damage.

Jerry can also be picked up by an ally in 2v2, increasing their damage and speed but limiting Tom’s move set. There’s an extra level of coordination to these two that makes getting used to them quite the challenge.

MultiVersus. Credit: Player First Games.
MultiVersus. Credit: Player First Games.


The Man Of Steel comes to MultiVersus as a Tank, making him slow, defensive and powerful. He’s a solid choice to take into any match. That said, his slow nature and charge up attacks can leave you wide open if you don’t use them in the right place or right time. Superman does have a lot of Armour when doing attacks though (which briefly shields him from damage), and it can be tricky to break through if the timing of your offensive move is just right.

Whilst he can do a short flying move and is equally viable in the air or on the ground, Superman’s lack of speed means you can be easily punished in the early game if your opponents keep the pressure on.

As part of Season One’s first patch, Superman has been quite heavily nerfed. Firstly, his ground neutral attack has been tweaked, adding additional whiff recovery. Similar changes have been made to his ground up attack and his ground down special. Even with these changes, Superman is still a great a choice.



Deciding what to do with Velma is rather difficult. With a large number of cooldown abilities that move between helping allies and hindering opponents, finding the right move at the right time is required, otherwise you can be sat around waiting for a cooldown to go with nothing to do.

That said, Velma’s passive ability sees evidence drop around the stage, and your team can pick it up to eventually have a police car swoop in and throw an enemy off the stage, which can be devastating if timed right. As a Support character, Velma naturally struggles somewhat in 1v1, but excels in 2v2.

Velma has been heavily nerfed in Season One, making it much easier to place her here in the list. She’s had the majority of her attacks and specials changed, making her much less effective in both 2v2 and 1v1 fights.

Taz MultiVersus | ‘MultiVersus’ tier list: ranking all 17 characters from best to worst | The Paradise News
MultiVersus. Credit: Player First Games


After the debuff of Taz’s tornado move, the Bruiser has become less of an option in MultiVersus, although not a useless one. Whilst not that effective in the air, Taz is good at close quarters and his Tasty ability can eventually subdue an opponent and let Taz and allies heal too.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman works best in 2v2 scenarios. When alone she can charge forward slightly, bring enemies towards her with her Lasso of Truth, and provide herself (and allies with shields), but she simply doesn’t do enough to be higher on this list.

To be clear, Wonder Women isn’t exactly bad, but her air game is pretty weak and her Lasso and protective shields have a punishing cooldown.

LeBron James

LeBron James is naturally characterised by his basketball in MultiVersus: he can use it for some pretty decent aerial combos and for more powerful attacks, but he becomes a fair bit weaker without it. When he doesn’t have the ball, his attacks have less range and he can’t set up combos as easily.

That said, LeBron has a few slam dunk-style moves that are perfect for sending your opponent flying and right off the stage.

LeBron James, MultiVersus. Credit: Player First Games.
LeBron James, MultiVersus. Credit: Player First Games.


Garnet is one of the weaker Bruiser characters in MultiVersus. They’re sluggish and slow, and whilst they have a couple interesting abilities, Garnet is let down by some long ability cooldown times and sizeable gaps between attacks and special moves that leave you open to being easily punished if you don’t dodge at the exact right time.

Steven Universe

A solid Support character, Steven Universe can help keep your allies in a 2v2 safe whilst providing them with extra movement opportunities. Holding the dodge button puts a shared shield over you and your ally, whilst multiple special moves can summon platforms to stand on and shields to block enemies.

Despite not being powerful, Steven can also heal allies with a planted watermelon, which then transforms into another version of Steven and distracts enemies, giving your team some breathing room.

Arya Stark

Despite having some good 2v2 abilities, Arya Stark is a rather sluggish Assassin that requires a fair amount of investment for players to become formidable. She’ll deal more damage when an ally is knocked out of the ring and even spawn a pie when she knocks an enemy out herself that can heal allies or slow enemies.

With other Assassins like Finn and Harley so high up on this list, Arya just doesn’t make the cut in terms of speed and ease of play.

Multiversus Shaggy
Multiversus. Credit: Player First Games.


As a support character with a handful of ally buff and opponent debuff abilities, Reindog is absolutely best suited to 2v2 matches. There isn’t really anything making Reindog a formidable offensive force (understandable considering the Support class), but this means that 1v1 is severely limited for Reindog.

Reindog does have a great tether ability that lasts longer when attached to allies, and not only can it damage enemies in its path, it can also be used to reel allies back in for ledge and off-stage combat.

Iron Giant

Here’s what works about Iron Giant: He hits hard, is difficult to get out of the ring due to his weight, can use rocket boots instead of a double jump, and he’s great cannon fodder in 2v2. Even with these benefits though, the giant hunk of metal is clearly a character that feels out of place in MultiVersus. He has a big hitbox, he’s very slow, and can do very little to mitigate attacks, so opponents can just wrack up damage until it’s time for the giant to go.

So there you have it, our tier list of all 17 current MultiVersus characters. Pick someone easy to learn if you’re new, take them into The Lab to test them out, then jump into 1v1 and 2v2 matches and see how you shape up.

If you’re looking to try your newest fighter out on your pals, we’ve also answered whether MultiVersus has crossplay and how to set up local multiplayer. 

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Source: NME