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MultiVersus Open Beta version 1.06 patch notes released

By Justin ‘AdaptiveTrigger’ Gordon

08 mvs ranked patch bnr | MultiVersus Open Beta version 1.06 patch notes released | The Paradise News

Patch notes for version 1.06 of MultiVersus have been released. As usual, there are quite a number of balance tweaks that either buff or nerf specific characters.

However, it’s also been noted that this patch will mark the alpha test period of MultiVersus’ Ranked Mode. Winning 15 ranked sets during this alpha period will award players with the “Triumphant Toast Alpha” profile icon as a thanks for those that participate.

It’s important to keep in mind that this ranked alpha period will only go on for a limited time before its taken down. MultiVersus’ Ranked Mode will be available starting at 9 a.m. PST on November 8, and will last until November 15.

Players will be able to participate in ranked matches as a 2v2 team or go it solo in 1v1. The team hopes to fix any bugs that come up during the alpha period, then release the fixed version later on, so expect plenty of bugs during the Ranked Mode experience for now.

Aside from that, this patch has made it a point to buff the latest addition to the roster, Black Adam. Attacks have either received improved hitboxes or will see their actions through faster than before.

Check out all the patch notes below:

This patch also includes the beginning of our Ranked Alpha, which officially begins at 9AM PST on November 8th and will conclude on November 15th. Compete against players in either Teams or 1 vs 1 matches to earn Ranked Points (RP) and climb the ladder. Winning 15 ranked sets during the Alpha rewards you with a special “Triumphant Toast Alpha” profile icon as a thank you for helping us make ranked the best it can be.

We will be using this time to test our ranked systems and gather feedback, so please report any issues or bugs at the official MultiVersus bug-reporting website

• Grounded Down Attack — Earth bolt no longer attempts to lead its target.

+ Grounded Down Attack — Earth bolt checks a larger range when deciding whether to emerge beneath an airborne victim.

+ Grounded Up Attack — Increased hitbox size, more slide, and the lightning’s knockback direction now is in the direction it comes down.

+ Aerial Neutral Attack — Uncharged attack now comes out 4 frames earlier.

+ Grounded Neutral Special — Comes out faster, branches earlier on whiff, has a greater minimum range, has a shorter cooldown of 10 seconds, and has knockback scaling on throw.

+ Air/Ground Up Special — Flight now has a faster takeoff and greater speed.

• — Grounded Up Attack’s lightning will now spawn below the roof in Scooby’s Mansion.

+ Neutral Air Attack — Spin punch branches to most attacks earlier out of on hit attacks.

– Air Down Special — House hitbox and movement starts 5 frames later.

+ Air Neutral Attack — Increased size and duration of active hit frames.

• Bug Fix — Basketball knockback when hitting up close sends at the intended angle now.

• Neutral Special — Neutral Special Jerry when hitting up close sends at the intended angle now.

Source: Event Hubs