Mortal Kombat's most infamously ridiculous Fatality has finally been fixed by a modder

Mortal Kombat's most infamously ridiculous Fatality has finally been fixed by a modder

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The Mortal Kombat franchise secured a name for itself with the help of its awe inspiring, daring, and gory Fatality finishing moves. Many of these killer maneuvers are iconic, with the enders becoming more and more elaborate and impressive as new generations of fighting games rolled around.

However, after 30 years of Mortal Kombat there are bound to be some bad Fatalities, and what has to be the most notoriously ridiculous one is none other than Quan Chi’s “Neck Stretch” in Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. Over the years fans have wondered why this Fatality exists the way it does, and even the developers have noted how it could have been better. Here in 2023, though, it looks like someone has finally gone ahead and fixed this goofy finisher and made it a proper final blow.

PC modder ermaccer has been delving into some work with Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance as of late. They recently shared a look at what the fighting title would be like if it were in first-person mode, and the results are certainly interesting to behold.

This time, however, we see mods used to fix the strange and cartoony finisher that the sorcerer is known for in Deadly Alliance.

For those unfamiliar, Quan Chi’s infamous Neck Stretch Fatality sees the series villain jump onto the shoulders of his dazed foe. With both feet planted on his victim’s shoulders, Quan Chi grabs their head and starts pulling until their neck stretches all the way up like a giraffe, and… that’s it.

The defeated opponent remains with an elongated neck and runs around a little bit before falling over. And yes, they keep their stretched neck the whole time…

You can check out the original Fatality below.

This Fatality is uncharacteristically not gory or super violent. Overall, the whole thing just seems like something you’d see in an episode of Looney Tunes.

Back in 2006, a brief documentary called “History of Fatalities” was released that featured some of the Mortal Kombat developers talking about how their classic finishers were made. When asked what his least favorite Fatality was, series co-creator Ed Boon himself mentioned that Neck Stretch receives that honor.

“My least favorite Fatality coincidentally also involves Quan Chi, and it is his Neck Stretch Fatality from Deadly Alliance,” Boon explained. Some of the other developers featured in the documentary also mentioned that it was done in a rush and that they felt it looked silly.

So, now that we know the history of Neck Stretch, how did modder ermaccer fix it? In the newly revised finisher, Quan Chi begins as he always does by jumping onto the opponent’s shoulders.

This time, however, as the sorcerer pulls his foe’s head we can see blood start to squirt out while they fight to survive. As the neck reaches its stretching limit, the opponent’s head and neck explode in a burst of blood and guts that serves as Quan Chi’s cue to dismount.

The now headless opponent runs around for a brief moment before falling over and being KO’d.

It’s certainly interesting to see that someone would go and fix a Fatality from Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance — which saw it’s initial launch on November 16, 2002. That does speak to just how much of a standout Fatality Quan Chi’s Neck Stretch is, though, I suppose.


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