Monica Culpepper Gleams With A Husband Who Is Infinitely Family-Oriented

Monica Culpepper Gleams With A Husband Who Is Infinitely Family-Oriented

What it’s like to have a family is to have people who have your back whenever you need them. And Monica Culpepper, the runner-up on ‘Survivor: Blood vs. Water,’ is one of the fortunate ones to possess one.

Monica, who is married and likes her family life, considers her spouse to be her greatest influence. However, what improvement did she experience in her life following her marriage? And what is the key to her happy family?

Continue reading to discover the answer!

The Married Life of Monica Culpepper Her Spouse

Monica Culpepper met her husband, former NFL defensive lineman, Brad Culpepper, in college. She enrolled at the University of Florida, where Brad played football and was an All-American. Monica dropped out of medical school in 1992 when Brad was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings.
The couple married in 1992 and are now the parents of three children. Brad is constantly seen supporting his family to reach new heights of achievement; he is most frequently seen wearing his Syracuse hat in support of his son Rex, who is a Syracuse quarterback.

He even shares the risk of football with his kid while remaining supportive of Rex’s progress.
Meanwhile, Monica, who despises two-faced individuals, landed a chance to make a difference in life when producers for CBS’s hit show “Survivor” looked at her profile. Initially, the producers inquired about Brad but swiftly changed their focus to Monica after seeing her photographs. However, Brad was the one who pushed her to become a part of the show.

Despite the encouragement, Monica was unable to survive the “Survivor: One World” season, but that did not deter her from returning to ‘Survivor’. Monica and her husband Brad re-entered the game of survival on “Survivor: Blood vs Water,” which aired in 2013.

Monica commented on her CBS’s hit Survivor’s profile when questioned about her return in ‘Survivor: Blood versus Water’:

“I wanted the chance to redeem myself from my early exit on One World and there is no better way to do that than with the love of my life and lifelong tribe mate, Brad. He’s my guy and having my “shield” out there is an adventure in itself.”

Brad, on the other hand, revealed how he would never abandon his wife. He stated,

“Monica means more to me than anyone in this world. While this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, I will always place her before me as I would never want to jeopardize her Survivor flame.”

Additionally, he reiterated his motivation for going on Survivor, which was to atone for his wife’s blindside by Colton on “Survivor: One World,” as he now stood to win her back on “Survivor: Blood versus Water.” Isn’t this the type of support that every woman desires in a husband?

Son Defeats Cancer

When it comes to her family, Monica has had to observe her son struggle with health concerns. Rex received a diagnosis of testicular cancer.

Even though he is cancer-free now, the road to recovery was not simple. During the two-week recovery period, the process took six hours per day from Monday to Friday. Then the other arm for a week, followed by another week of rest. The procedure was repeated three or more times.

Monica and her family did not abandon Rex throughout this time. Monica was present every day of Rex’s treatment. Rex also received assistance from his father and brothers.

In an August 2018 interview with Surviving Tribal, Rex discussed his days in therapy and the assistance he received from his family. As he stated,

“My mom didn’t miss a single one of my treatments. My dad, brother and sister made me so grateful to have a family that really cared about me.”

After the cancer nightmares passed, Rex returned to football, which was his main drive during chemotherapy.

Monica Culpepper’s Wiki

Monica Culpepper, who is best remembered for her appearance on “Survivor: One World” in 2012, dreamed of herself among the patients because she had intended to enter medical school but opted out due to her relationship with Brad.

Monica, 47, earned an honors degree in physical therapy from the University of Minnesota and is currently employed as a physical therapist. Additionally, she enjoys kickboxing, hiking, skeet shooting, four-wheeling, snowboarding, wakeboarding, running, and reading, as well as contributing to the community.

Monica, who won $100,000 as of the second-place prize in “Survivor: Blood vs Water,” is now enjoying her husband Brad’s $3 million fortune.


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