Mnet Responds To “Queendom 2” Manipulation Allegations

Mnet Responds To “Queendom 2” Manipulation Allegations

Mnet has responded to allegations of digital performance manipulation of the new tracks from “Queendom 2.”

On June 2, Mnet aired the live finale to “Queendom 2,” where WJSN was crowned the winner with LOONA as runner-up. The winner was determined based on cumulative scores from past rounds in conjunction with a live finale score, which included each team’s digital performance, YouTube video score, fans’ choice score, and live vote count.

However, as the total digital performance rankings according to Spotify had LOONA in first place, followed by VIVIZ then WJSN, allegations of manipulation began to arise as these are not the same rankings that were shown for digital performance during the broadcast. (The broadcast rankings were LOONA, WJSN, VIVIZ, Kep1er, Brave Girls, Hyolyn)

On June 3, Mnet released an official statement addressing these allegations. Read their statement below:

Next is the official statement from the producers of Mnet’s ‘Queendom 2.’

In order to hear the diverse voices of global K-pop fans, we calculated digital performance scores through the ‘Queendom 2 Official Playlist’ on a global music streaming service.

As previously announced, only one stream of ‘Queendom 2 Official Playlist’ per day and per ID (multiple songs permitted, duplicates not permitted) was reflected in the digital performance score. This digital performance score data was all organized by the music streaming service and shared with ‘Queendom 2’ producers after they calculated final scores.

Additionally, a voting witness confirmed that this data was reflected as is on the broadcast. Thank you for giving ‘Queendom 2’ lots of attention until the very end.

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