Missing – Mikel Arteta haters where have they all gone?

Missing – Mikel Arteta haters where have they all gone?

By Admin Martin

There may not have been any huge banners or making fun of someone’s accent and lack of English skills but make no mistake Mikel Arteta was hated and derided by a significant number of the Arsenal fan base.

They were all over Youtube building their channels off of Arsenal defeats or looking to make a name for themselves, they were in the mainstream media giving their so-called “expert” opinions, they were former players now on punditry duties saying he was out of his depth.

Where are they all now?

The silence is deafening which in itself is very telling and no doubt they will rear their ugly heads once again if Arteta stumbles but right now, they have gone into hiding. There is a word for that but I will not use it, I am too respectful for that.

Arteta said it was a process and he was ridiculed for it, he said it would take time but oh no, not at Arsenal, success must be instant, they expected the All or Nothing series to be embarrassing and they were convinced Arsenal would not finish in the top four.

There have been no apologies or mea culpa, no acceptance of what the Spaniard has achieved with a club that was in disarray when he was hired.

The poor things are all missing but we should not be worried for them too much, they will be back at some point at the first opportunity they get but their numbers will have dwindled and that reflects very positively on the manager and what he has done so far.

Source: Just Arsenal.

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