Miami man accused of beating and killing man with broken piece of sidewalk

Miami man accused of beating and killing man with broken piece of sidewalk

MIAMI (TCD) — A 58-year-old man faces a murder charge after he allegedly beat a man to death with a broken piece of sidewalk during an altercation.

Miami-Dade County Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation records show Albert William Bethea was booked Tuesday, March 7, for second-degree murder with a weapon. Court records indicate he was initially charged with aggravated battery and was released on bond March 1. Bethea was arrested again, however, when the victim died, WPLG-TV reports.

According to the arrest report cited by WPLG, on Jan. 25, at approximately 6 p.m., the victim, who remained unnamed, allegedly walked by Bethea and punched him in the neck at random. Witnesses reportedly told police Bethea grabbed a piece of broken sidewalk nearby and tossed it at the victim’s head, hitting him. He then allegedly picked up the sidewalk piece and hit the victim four times.

Bethea also reportedly stomped on the man’s head with his boots.

The Miami Police officer reportedly wrote in the report, “At this point, the victim was defenseless and deemed to be no longer a threat to the defendant.”

NBC Miami, which also cites the report, says the police officer noted the victim suffered “several lacerations to his head and face, causing severe bleeding and facial injuries.”

The man was taken to the hospital for a brain bleed and other wounds, and he died from his injuries Sunday, March 5.

Bethea is currently being held without bond.


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