Metropolitan Neophytos names three great sins that cause war

Metropolitan Neophytos names three great sins that cause war

Morphou, Cyprus, March 6, 2023

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The war in Ukraine, which is a part of the overall movement towards WWIII, and all wars are caused by the great sins of mankind. And there are several sins in particular we can pinpoint today, says His Eminence Metropolitan Neophytos of Morphou of the Orthodox Church of Cyprus.

The Cypriot hierarch, well-known for his outspokenness, was recently asked by the Save and Protect YouTube channel why God allowed the war in Ukraine.

He responded:

The question should be worded differently. Why did the Lord allow the beginning of WWIII? The Ukrainian question is part of the Third World War. It’s not the beginning, but it’s not the end either. There are spiritual points, but also political. History is controlled by the Lord… Many people see only the human factor, disagreements, agreements, confrontation between Russia and NATO, energy issues… These are the human components, but there are also spiritual causes, which some of the modern saints personally told me about.

His Eminence mentions that he spoke about these issues with Gerontissa Galaktia from Crete, who reposed two years ago, and Elder Ephraim of Arizona. He also refers to 20th-century saints he has read, including St. Lawrence of Chernigov, as well as St. Paisios of the Holy Mountain and St. Jacob of Evia, both of whom he knew.

The Metropolitan then tells a story that he heard from St. Jacob himself. St. Jacob once went to venerate the relics of St. John the Russian on the island of Evia, and he began to speak to the saint. St. John told him that many pilgrims come to venerate his relics, but few believers. People today are full of disrespect and lack faith, and therefore, “to fix this world, there must be a war.”

St. Jacob was scared at these words, and noting how tragic the history of the 20th century already was, he asked: “Do we really need another war?” But St. John replied: “A war must begin. A war must begin. Otherwise, mankind won’t change.”

Met. Neophytos explains that he was a student when he heard this from St. Jacob, and he asked him why St. John asserted this. St. Jacob said: “Because the Lord revealed to him it’s because the next generations won’t give birth to normal, ordinary children, but to demonic children…”

“And he didn’t name any other reasons…,” Met. Neophytos emphasizes. “And the saints whom I mentioned a little earlier all say the same thing, that the coming generations, if the Lord doesn’t intervene, won’t be the image and likeness of God. They will be in the form of man, but in essence with a dead soul. Such a person can’t become a saint. If a society, humanity can’t give birth to saints, then there’s no point in living.”

And there are three great sins that have led to our present situation in the world, His Eminence continues.

“The spiritual cause of war, not only in Ukraine, but in the entire system in which we now live. After all, it’s not just about the components of the new man of future generations—artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, microchips, and all that. But we should also talk about our own sins, especially about three of them.”

“The first sin, which has swallowed up the entire world, is enmity, and not just because it exists, but also because it’s been legalized by states… even Orthodox states. When sin becomes a law and a right, then the Lord turns away from man, because he no longer has a desire to repent.”

“The second sin that Elder Ephraim of Arizona and Gerontissa Galaktia spoke about is the perversions of fornication that occur in and out of marriage.”

Nowadays, not only same-sex marriage is being spread everywhere, but also pedophilia and transgender ideology, Met. Neophytos says.

The third sin is witchcraft, Satanism, astrology and parapsychology: “Modern people prefer the energies of sorcerers, satanists, masons. All these people prefer the devil to Christ.”

The fourth reason, in Met. Neohpytos’ opinion, is that the leaders of today’s Church, all over the world, aren’t talking about or teaching these things. “When the pastor doesn’t lead his flock, his people, his faithful correctly, first the saints disappear, and then Christ Himself.”

And turning to Ukraine, he says that “this is a war where people of the New World Order want to strengthen all these bad things we’ve been talking about; all these methods, so there would be no resistance. And who can resist? Only the Orthodox.”

The leaders of the New World Order, such as Bill Gates and the Rockefellers, “are all very afraid of people who know the history, and people of the Orthodox faith, and Orthodox holiness.”

Ukraine had one prophet—the Elder Jonah—who foretold everything that is happening to prepare the people, the Metropolitan says. “They want to split Orthodoxy, then weaken it, and moreover, weaken man in this way, so he can’t become a saint, so he wouldn’t be the image of God. They want to de-energize man, to make him compliant,” to eventually give rise to the Antichrist.

And this applies not just to Ukraine, but to the entire world, the hierarch adds.

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