Men, what will you do if you find out your girlfriend is a man?

Men, what will you do if you find out your girlfriend is a man?

Let’s face it for the fact that things are now turning upside down, men transforming to women and women to men. But what will you do if you find out your girlfriend is a man or your boyfriend is a woman? 

According to KLTV report, A 21 year old Texas College football player, Carlton Champion Jr. met his 24 year old girlfriend and fell quickly in love with her. His new girlfriend was Tyrone Lee underwood who went by the name Tyra. The couple had been chatting for several weeks on a dating mobile app and quickly fell in love but hadn’t met each other face to face.

Tyra had a feeling that Champion was cheating on her and decided to end the relationship by text. Because Champion was so in love with Tyra, he sent a text to her apologizing saying he would make it up to her.

Champion was seen on surveillance camera leaving his College dorm at about 2 am.
Tyler Police were called by neighbours who said they heard multiple gun shots in the area and a suspicious vehicle. When Police got there, they found a Toyota Camry off road and a dead black male behind the wheel who had been shot.

Police interviewed Underwood’s friends and checked her computer and found out that the last person she chatted with was Champion.

The campus surveillance video also showed Champion returning to his college dorm just 15 mins after he had initially left, wearing a black leather jacket. The jacket was tested and it came out positive for blood.

He was promptly arrested on Thursday and charged with murder.

He is being held at Smith County jail and his bail has been se for $1million.

Please be specific, if it you were you, what will you do? 
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