Medical Data Entry Supervisor at Medecins Sans Frontieres

Medical Data Entry Supervisor at Medecins Sans Frontieres

Main objective and responsibility of the position:

  • Ensure completion of all activities related to medical data entry and data management into the mission database. Supervise, organise and plan the activity of Data Entry officers/operators, as well as identify their training needs in order to provide a good service support and reliability of the data collected.


  • Supervise, organise and plan the activity of Data Entry officers to have a reliable record of medical activity performed, as well as identify their training/technical support needs in order to provide a good service support and reliability of the data collected.
  • Ensure collation and entry of all data identified by project managers for collection (e.g. morbidity, mortality, surveillance of diseases of epidemics, nutrition, psychological and women’s health, etc) into the appropriate data management system while ensuring quality of data
  • Do quality control for data officers’ performance on regular basis
  • Know and ensure proper use of software used for recording (i.e. Fuchia, Epi Info, etc.).
  • Ensure accuracy of the medical data entered into the mission’s database on a regular basis, according to MSF protocols and carry out regular back-ups.
  • Provide technical support to data entry officers/operators in project sites and give response to their training needs.
  • Provide regular statistical reports for the medical team as well as informing the superior of any missing information, major changes or big differences in data

MSF Section / Context-Specific Accountabilities

  • Follow up on Nutrition and Mortality related researches with the project epidemiologist.
  • Meet with Mission epidemiologist once a month to update on tasks and projects.
  • Conduct trainings for staff and medical departments who are involved in data collection.
  • Ensure timely and accurate data collection. Do data quality checks.
  • Outcomes study: upload pictures to the telemedicine platform from follow-up visits within 10 days of the assessment, work with medical team to follow-up with patients, and check each form after the assessment to see all questions are answered (especially the quality of life section).
  • Set up data collection tablets for use during survey, help with training the survey team, keep in touch with data collectors to make sure there are no technical issues, facilitate hand over of tablets from the project to the survey team and retrieval after use.
  • Pre-sequelae stage outcomes: set up data collection tools, ensure all team members know what data points they are collecting, do data quality checks once a week, arrange follow-up visits, and make sure all data points are collected.
  • Assist with other research related ad hoc activities.
  • Providing monthly updates and progress reports in relation to ongoing activities including researches in the project.

Routine Project Data

  • Performing data entry of all epidemiological information into select databases program and creating appropriate reports, providing data for project development purposes.
  • Ensuring that all data entered are authorized and appropriate documentation has been received (patient records, treatment monitoring, etc.).
  • Ensuring all the various departments have the adequate update version of data collection tools for appropriate data collection in the field.
  • Ensuring that all data entry processes occurs in a timely and efficient manner.
  • Participating in the search for missing data and making regular back-ups of all data processed.
  • Look after all equipment provided and keep cabinet or record area clean and tidy, giving special importance to all patient files.
  • Reporting any issue concerning data management to your line manager
  • Provide regular or on need-basis statistical reports when required by the project or medical team.
  • Promote and maintain confidentiality regarding all information registered and keep data safe and filed appropriately.
  • Performing routine data quality analysis.
  • Communicating regularly with data collectors, assisting in the (re)training when necessary, on proper registration of patients, proper filling of the various forms, clarifying queries, obtaining missing information and correcting errors, ensuring they have ongoing sufficient supplies of necessary hardcopy data collection forms
  • Assisting in the compilation and preparation of regular reports and providing detailed information to medical and laboratory teams (weekly, monthly, according to patient treatment requirements).
  • Updating, in collaboration with DHIS2 advisor, specific tools and exporting to the medical team leader on a monthly basis.
  • Updating the DHIS2 with cover sheets from respective departments, creating tables for MSF reports.
  • Supervise data collection for Nutrition program (ITFC / ATFC) – Primary Health Care (TPHC / ICCM), perform data entry, processing and analysis and report to medical team leader.
  • To support and collaborate with the emergency response unit (NERU) on data management, and research activities when necessary

Requirements (Qualifications / Experience / Knowledge)
To apply for this role applicants MUST meet the following criteria:


  • Essential proven computer literacy, secondary education or qualifications in data entry or in statistics. Degree in Information and Technology (IT) desirable.


  • Essential working experience of at least one year with MSF.


  • Mission working language and local languages essential.
  • Essential knowledge of use of computer including processing of documents (Word, Excel).
  • Desirable knowledge on medical statistics data bases.


  • Results and Quality Orientation, Teamwork and Cooperation, Behavioural Flexibility, Commitment to MSF Principles, Stress Management.

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