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MASIRE: Barnabas Samuel hints release date for new song

Barnabas Samuel is returning with a fresh single “MASIRE” after four months since he released his last single “MIMI”.

Coming out from South Sudan, Barnabas Samuel has got a rapid pace of bringing out new music always with unique titles.

Last year September, he released his debut album SAMBARA, and all the songs titles start with the letter “S”, some of the big tunes in the album were “Sambara”, “Sejerina” “Stakalu“, “Sabella

This year, he already has two tracks “Manga” and “Mimi”, now about to drop “Masire” as his third song of the year, making us more familiar with his song titling style. According to his social media, The MASIRE is produced by Josh Perfectionz and a new track release is slated to drop next month on August 8, 2022.

There is already high anticipation amongst fans over MASIRE – all are now eagerly waiting for a new single from the most talented artist and he seems to be releasing another song after Masire, he recently tweeted “Not one but two, but first Masire – expect big stuff. Masire is on its way to you, coming to you on the 08.08.2022”.

This is good news for Barnabas Samuel’s fans! Set your countdowns for August. It is coming faster than all of us imagined. Barnabas Samuel is an undisputed singer with great music and great songs from South Sudan’s music industry.