MapmyIndia launches new Mappls GPS trackers, dash cameras, smart helmet kits, and more for vehicles

MapmyIndia launches new Mappls GPS trackers, dash cameras, smart helmet kits, and more for vehicles

Mappls advanced GPS vehicle trackers

According to the company, the new vehicle tracking systems are available in four variants, allowing consumers to track their vehicles seamlessly. When used with the free Mappls Super App, the trackers provide users with real-time vehicle location, geofencing alerts, overspeeding and undue stoppage alarms, and much more. Mappls’ vehicle trackers can be deep-installed or plug-and-play, depending on the user’s needs. It ranges in price from Rs 4,490 to Rs 12,990.

Mappls dash cameras

Priced at Rs 23,990, Mappls CarEye is a dash camera that provides real-time video visibility and insight into vehicle performance and difficult road situations. It is a comprehensive and personalised safety, tracking, telematics, and surveillance system.


Through the Mappls Super App, the user can watch live video streaming of both the front and cabin views of their car at any time and from any location in the world. CarEye, a single unit with two cameras, analyses driver behaviour and detects harsh acceleration, braking, cornering, and overspeeding. CarEye can also track your car’s location in real-time via live vehicle tracking and trip replay details on the Mappls App.

Mappls in-dash navitainment systems

The product, Integrated and Connected Entertainment and Navigation Systems (ICENAV Systems), has two variants: ICENAV 7464 and ICENAV 7216. 


They are integrated into the dashboard and include features such as steering wheel control, video output capability to replicate the media stream from the head unit on rear seat monitors, and rear view AHD camera support for a more seamless driving experience. The products also include an Android-based operating system and compatibility with CarPlay and Android Auto, allowing the driver to stay connected while on the road.

The ICENAV 7464 is available in 9-inch and 10-inch, with prices starting at Rs 37,990 and Rs 38,990, respectively. The ICENAV 7216 comes in two sizes, 9-inch and 10-inch, and is priced at Rs 23,990 and Rs 24,990, respectively.

Mappls smart helmet kits (Navisor and Navaudio)


To assist bikers, the company has introduced two smart helmet kits: Navisor and Navaudio. When used in conjunction with the Mappls Super App, Navisor and Navaudio help users transform their existing helmets into a smart ones by providing hands-free visual LED cues and audio navigation, allowing riders to keep their eyes on the road and make their rides safer and more convenient.

Navisor is a helmet mount that uses augmented reality (AR) technology to provide 2-wheeler riders with visual navigation cues (based on Mappls App directions). Navisor was designed as an alternative to distracting phone mounts and includes features such as Crash Detection and SOS sensor, Bluetooth 5.0 technology, up to 12 hours of battery life, auto-brightness and all-weather visibility, and more.

The early bird pricing for Navisor and Navaudio is Rs 2,990 each, with a combo of the two products priced at Rs 5,490.


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