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Loudoun County “Transgender” School Rapist Found Guilty

Loudoun County “Transgender” School Rapist Found Guilty
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The Loudoun County, Virginia, teenage boy charged with the sexual assault of two girls in two Loudoun County schools has been found guilty and sentenced to supervised probation in a residential treatment facility. He is also required to register as a sex offender. Citing the “scary” nature of the boy’s crimes and psychological reports, the judge said this was the first time she had ever required a minor to be put on the registry.

The Loudoun County School District — located in liberal Northern Virginia — has been in the news quite a bit over the past year or so for its ongoing double-pace march toward leftist wokeness — pushing Critical Race Theory and radical “gender” ideology, and demonizing parents who dared to stand up and speak out about those issues. But the icing on the cake was the cover-up of the school-bathroom rape of a female student by a skirt-wearing “transgender” student in May of last year.

On May 28, 2021 the boy — who is unnamed because he is a minor (14 years old at the time of the rape) — entered the girls’ restroom, which is allowed under Loudoun County School policy, and committed forcible sodomy and forcible fellatio against an also-unnamed 15-year-old female student. Though the school was almost immediately made aware of the heinous rape, the “transgender” skirt-wearing boy was allowed to remain in the district. He was transferred to another school in Loudoun County where — no surprise — he sexually assaulted another 15-year-old female student on October 6, 2021.

The “transgender” rapist was found guilty of his crimes Wednesday in Loudoun County Juvenile Court. As Fox News reported:

The Loudoun County teenager charged with sexual assault at two separate high schools has been found guilty and sentenced to supervised probation in a residential treatment facility.

The Loudoun County Juvenile Court had previously found the male student “not innocent” of charges of forcible sodomy and forcible fellatio against a female student in a May 28 incident at Stone Bridge High School. The same student pleaded “no contest” in a separate case to two charges of abduction and sexual battery involving an incident at Broad Run High School on October 6, Fox News reported from the juvenile court. The student accepted a plea agreement in the October 6 case.

The judge found the boy guilty on Wednesday, and ordered him to register as a sex offender, something she said she had never done to a minor before. He will be on supervised probation until his 18th birthday and placed in a residential treatment facility.

After the verdict and before sentencing, the court spent more than an hour hearing victim impact statements. The mother of the 15-year-old victim who was assaulted in May said the rape should have “never occurred,” and added that her daughter would have to live with the trauma of the rape for the rest of her life. That victim’s father, Scott Smith, said, “This whole thing caused division in the community. Division in my business,” adding that he had been accused of “lying for political gain.”

As Fox News reported:

He said the suspect took advantage of his daughter’s “fragile mind.” He read a prepared statement for the court where he called the suspect a “dangerous animal.” Scott Smith continued, “dangerous animals belong in cages. Sometimes even put down.” He vowed, “this isn’t over.”

The victim from the second attack (in October) — also 15 years old — read a prepared statement as well, saying, “What you have done to me will forever change my life.”

Of course the first victim’s mother is correct in saying that the crime should have “never occurred.” All it would have taken to avoid the rape of that young woman would have been for the school to not allow people with penises into a restroom designated for people without penises. But the Loudoun County School District has a political agenda to follow, and that agenda positively requires pretending that there is no distinction between boys and girls, between men and women.

It should not have taken a violent and forcible rape to highlight what everyone instinctively already knows: One chief distinction between males and females is that males have penises and females do not.

If only someone had warned the Loudoun County School District and other militant leftists that this was a likely outcome of throwing wide the doors of restrooms, locker rooms, and other intimate spaces intended for females. If only right-thinking, conservative publications such as The New American had spent the past few years saying something such as, “If you let boys in restrooms and locker rooms intended for girls, someone is going to be sexually assaulted.” If only. But wait — that is precisely what this magazine and others have been saying for years now. And that is precisely the conversation that many Loudoun County parents were trying to have at school-board meetings at the same time that the district was transferring this rapist to another school where he could rape again.

Those parents were lied to and lied about as the Loudoun County School District worked feverishly to cover up the first rape. Parents were told that everything was fine, and that they were fearmongering and discriminating against “transgender” students. The media reported that those parents were a danger to the community. But those parents were right all along — and school officials knew it.

The Loudoun County School District didn’t listen, because the leadership there does not care. This is made evident by the fact that after the first rape in May, the degenerate, skirt-wearing, “transgender” girl-with-a-penis who committed the rape was allowed to stay in the school system and was merely transferred to another school, where he was allowed to rape again in October.

As simple as it would have been to prevent the first rape by keeping him out of the girls’ restroom, preventing the second rape would have been as easy as breathing. If he had brought a pocketknife to school, he likely would have been expelled — but raping a girl in the restroom appears to be less of a big deal. After all, it couldn’t be allowed to get in the way of a political agenda.

Loudoun County Sheriff Michael Chapman agrees, and places the blame squarely at the feet of Loudoun County Public Schools Superintendent Scott Ziegler. In November, Chapman sent a letter to Ziegler’s office laying out the case for his accusation. He pointed out that Ziegler “knew of the alleged sexual offense the day it occurred,” and that Ziegler’s public statement in June that he was not aware of the rape was shown to be a lie by an e-mail Ziegler sent to school-board members on May 28 (the day of the rape) informing them of crime.

Chapman’s letter continued, “Despite knowing the serious nature of the offense, LCPS [Loudoun County Public Schools] decided to place this individual back into [another] high school population,” and “the consequences of that decision resulted in a second student being victimized by the same defendant.”

Incidents such as this have led many parents to seek alternatives to public schools. Many are homeschooling or seeking online academies for their children, because it has become apparent that unanswerable school officials will not keep their children safe. In fact, when something terrible does happen — and since agendas matter more than safety or education, something terrible will happen — those officials will circle the wagons and cover up the crime to protect the agenda.


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