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LordKnight arranges the fighting game character archetypes into a special tier list

By Justin ‘AdaptiveTrigger’ Gordon

05 lordknight archetypes bnr | LordKnight arranges the fighting game character archetypes into a special tier list | The Paradise News

BC|LordKnight recently released a unique tier list. Rather than ranking individual characters, LordKnight instead arranges typical fighting game archetypes into the S, A, B, C, and D tier groups.

In other words, the rush down, zoning, grappler, and all other archetype subsets have been rated. The released video explains in depth what are the best and worst archetypes typically in fighting games.

For the purposes of this tier list, Axl Low represents the “normal attack zoners” (such as Dhalsim), Zato-1 represents the puppet characters, Android 21 represents the “composite characters” (copies other characters), Gran represents the rush down mid dispensers, Ryu represents the Shoto archetype, Millia Rage represents the set play and vortex characters, Morrigan represents the heavy projectile and trap characters, Elizabeth represents the system mechanics characters, Zangief represents the slow grapplers, Shermie represents the fast grapplers, Faust represents the item throw characters, Makoto represents the one chance archetype, Yosuke represents the fast ninja archetype, El Fuerte represents the mix up archetype, and Neco-Arc represents the joke character archetype.

According to LordKnight, the strongest archetypes in fighting games are typically the set play, projectile, item throw, and normal attack zoning fighters. As such, these archetypes have been positioned in the S tier category.

Meanwhile, the joke character is said to be the weakest of the fighting game archetypes. While note quite as bad, the slow grapplers are also more difficult to win with compared to the other listed archetypes.

Check out LordKnight’s archetype tier list below:

LordKnight's archetype tier list image #1

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Source: Event Hubs