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Liverpool v Arsenal Review – 10 men who fought for the badge (and Xhaka)

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So proud of 10 men at Anfield. Not the manager and Xhaka though by Konstantin Mitov

Well lovely Arsenal people, there is Granit Xhaka for you tonight. Another red card and I find it really hard to step up for him. But I can’t blame anymore a player who’s done it so many times for being reckless again. It’s the manager that keeps playing him. I am really trying to find something positive about Arteta but some of the decisions need to be questioned.

Sending AMN to Roma when we don’t have Partey and Elneny? If we don’t get a midfielder like tomorrow, what are we playing at Spurs, Patino and Lokonga? I hear that Melo guy from Juventus and rumors around Tilemans, honestly I’d have both, but again let’s not avoid the real problem. Arteta is sticking with Xhaka. Who gave away a penalty vs City? That’s 2 decisions that cost us in games against the 2 best clubs in the league. Games we could’ve won.

Roma wanted Xhaka last season, why on earth is he still here. Why did Pepe have to apologize for a red card vs Leeds and Granit gets free passes all the time? This is why Arteta will not get us the top 4 in my opinion. And our performance in the FA cup is also on Arteta. It honestly reminded me of Villareal. People think I have an agenda against Arteta, but his decisions are leaving our chances to win a cup and make the top 4 on a knife’s edge.

I’m sorry, rant over, I know we are stuck with Mikel and Xhaka sadly, but how good were the rest of the team? I saw a bunch of players playing for the pride of the badge, not willing to roll over and die. Lacazette was sensational for me. Ben White and Gabriel again. Now, they did miss Salah and Mane, but you know what? I couldn’t care less, because Cheat FC with all their false positives delayed the first game to avoid a beating. Pathetic from a club that pretends to be so much.

I’m really proud of the young players, because they are the ones playing like seniors. Hopefully we’ll now sign a midfielder soon and I don’t buy this Wilshere thing. If we don’t want to throw the season away like we usually do, we need to invest in the middle of the park. This whole Vlahovic thing for so much money isn’t my cup of tea. Big money transfers aren’t our thing, and 300k a week? It doesn’t make sense.

Anyway, again really proud of the 10 men who stood on the pitch and fought for the badge. Hopefully we’ll have a midfield for Spurs or maybe we can postpone the game? Regardless, 0-0 is a good result, hopefully we go with confidence to the toilet seat if we have to.