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Listen to DIIV cover My Bloody Valentine and Alex G on new acoustic live album

By Alex Gallagher

DIIV have released a new live album featuring tracks the band performed at an unplugged acoustic show more than half a decade ago.

The album, recorded during a gig at Brooklyn’s Murmrr Theatre in August of 2017, features new arrangements of songs from the band’s first two albums – 2012’s ‘Oshin’ and 2016’s ‘Is The Is Are’. Also featured are covers of My Bloody Valentine‘s ‘When You Sleep’ and ‘Hollow’ by Alex G.

“In August 2017 I was 5 months sober and DIIV hadn’t played a show in almost a year,” bandleader Cole Smith explained in a statement. “Our friend Ric helped us set up an intimate acoustic show in a theater in our hometown of Brooklyn. We decorated the stage with stuff from our houses and played our home videos on a TV.

“We invited our friends and family and played some songs from our first two albums and some other artists’ songs that felt important to us as a band. It felt like some kind of reset. We recorded the show and forgot about it for a bunch of years. We recently found the recordings and thought people might want to hear them.”

Watch DIIV perform ‘Dopamine’ live at the Murmrr Theatre – and listen to the album – below:

DIIV’s last studio album, ‘Deceiver’, arrived in 2019 after being previewed with singles ‘Skin Game’, ‘Taker’ and ‘Blankenship’.

“It’s tempting to say that ‘Deceiver’ truly excels at its heaviest, given that these moments… are the record’s most memorable. But it’s actually the more fragile moments on ‘Deceiver’ that ultimately prove to be the most emotionally resonant,” NME said in a four-star review. “This is an album about rebuilding and, finally, facing yourself.”

Source: NME