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Leader Obu caused rain to block me from visiting Him – Former Gov Donald Duke

By Eyo Charles

Mr Donald Duke is the former governor of the state where Leader Olumba Olumba Obu, the Super Spiritual Existence, the Ancient of Days, physically established His Throne and operates from. It was during his first term as Governor that the Founder and Sustainer of Brotherhood of the Cross and Star, even the Godhead coronated Himself in His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu as the King of kings and Lord of lords and handed Him all powers and authorities in the seen and unseen worlds. This is confirmed in confirmed in Matthew 28 “….All powers in heaven and in earth are given to me..”.

Expectedly and understandably, there were certain displays of unhappiness by those whose vested interests were at risk as a result of the physical enthronement of His Holiness Olumba Olumba Obu.

This display of unhappiness became pronounced, and the state government feared it could impact negatively against them since BCS is a major force in the state in terms socio-economic contributions, population and her resources.

And so, Gov Duke said any governor would naturally be concerned over such development in his State. But he said his aides and advisers seriously cautioned him to beware of BCS.

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According to Duke, he said to them as a governor, he should be father of all who are natives or reside in the state irrespective of what they may be, devil or angel.

“So I made up mind that I must go to the World Headquarters of the Brotherhood of the Cross and Star at 34 Ambo Street, which is a few metres from the government house where my office as governor was, to know the true position of things.

“I must point something out here that I am not a total stranger to the Brotherhood organisation. As a young chap whenever my father would come home from Lagos on holiday, we would usually stay on a road off the Ambo Street. And so, I was used to seeing members of the fold in their beautiful and clean white soutanes. What cut my fancy much was that even white men would also go about without footwears in white towards the direction of the Brotherhood. And so, since then, it had set my mind working. Therefore, I was not new to Ambo. I should also add that before the Father enthroned Him as the King of kings, we were good and close friends who usually chat and discuss everything.

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“I told my aides that we must move in and see what was going on there. I needed importantly to speak with the Father to enable me know what further actions to take..”

Duke said as soon as he set about the journey to Ambo, the atmosphere changed, the skies became dark and pregnant, and the clouds were running faster with the threatening winds. And then the waters from above came down powerfully.

“Then my aides, eager to discourage me, said to me, ‘Oga, this place that we are going, why don’t we put it off?’

“I told the small convoy to move. As we moved, the rains became heavier, with smashing thunder. I could see the reluctance in my aides. But I was bent on making the trip to 34 Ambo.

“As we swam through the flood waters on the roads, the rains were coming down torrentially, with powerful wind. The wind was uprooting trees or cutting off their branches. Some were falling across the roads but we would meander. My aides boldly asked that we return to government house and fix another date but I was bent.

“Stronger wind came, the flood and storms made the road seem dark. And we soon got into the premises. The rains subsided upon getting into 34 Ambo!

“As soon as I was ushered into His very modest room, I saw that He was reclining on a simple chair. I saw absolute humility about him. But here is the Being who commands powers.

“The Father sat up and laughed and laughed so heartily. And He said to me in Efik language: ‘I caused that rain and wind to see whether you will be discouraged from coming to see Me.’ I also responded in Efik language, ‘Father, whatever You like to do, do. It’s your world’.

“The Father then told me many things about myself. The meeting which was for some minutes lasted over an hour.”

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