Lagos Resident Seeks Help, Laments After Mill Machine Cuts Off Right Hand

Lagos Resident Seeks Help, Laments After Mill Machine Cuts Off Right Hand

A man, Joshua Ejiyere, has cried out for help after losing his right arm to a mill machine operated by his late father’s friend, Michael Ujoh, several years ago on a poultry farm registered under the West Coast Investment Limited.
Ejiyere, who demanded justice, informed SaharaReporters that the incident cut short his aspirations and dreams for a better life as no one was willing to employ him.

He explained that in 2004, when he was 16 years old, he visited a poultry farm which belonged to Ujoh as the latter was a friend to his father.
The young man said Ujoh permitted the Ejiyeres to visit the farm and take the remnant of processed maize which was subsequently used to feed pigs reared by the latter’s family, due to the relationship between them.
According to him, Ujoh also benefitted from this as the Ejiyeres cleaned up the warehouse.
While at it, Ujoh accidentally put on the machine which immediately chopped off Joshua’s right arm.
The young man stated that Ujoh was aware that his hand was inside the machine but he (Joshua) was not aware that the machine was about to be powered as he was facing another direction.
Afterwards, the Ejiyeres employed the services of some lawyers who took over the case in 2004. However, Joshua said they suddenly absconded in 2015 after failed attempts to get justice.
He stated that the legal representatives had not provided a valid reason for backing off from the case.
He lamented how the incident had cost him his desired life and how he had been unable to secure a job.
He said, “I was behind the machine when he turned it on and it took off my right hand from my body. In the pool of my own blood, I was rushed to the hospital. They refused to take responsibility for the bills; then my elder brother took the case to the police station which did not yield anything positive. It was later taken to court.

“At the court, the lawyer of the machine operator turned the case upside down, saying that I was a thief and the machine operator did not know I was there. The magistrate court in Ojo ruled in my favour despite the allegation.
“And after several sittings in court, the case was later taken to the High Court, Badagry in 2007, which lasted till 2014 after which the court ruled in my favour by Justice E. A. Adebajo at the Lagos High Court Igboshere.
“After the high court ruling, they went for appeal in that same year, till date nothing has been done. I have gone several times to my lawyer in the person of Chief Macdonald O. B, Omolemen (Gab-anna chambers). They keep telling me that they haven’t given a date. Honestly, the lawyer just backed off without a word since 2015.
“Because of the frustration, I have taken the case to state command but they said it was beyond their power. So, I went to Alausa, Ikeja, the Ministry of Health referred me to the Ministry Of Justice after submitting several letters, I was advised to register at the Ministry of Disability Affairs, but all had been to no avail. I lost hope and confidence in the judicial system of this country and the hope of the common man.
“My dad and my mother are late; I have no means of survival. Life has been really tough for me because I have tried on many occasions to get myself engaged with something doing but even when I explain what I can do that I’m not totally useless, nobody wants to give me the opportunity to try.
”Now begging on the streets of Lagos is the only surviving option left for me but I don’t like to live like that because there is dignity in labour and what I earn with hard work will give me much joy when compared with begging on the street.
“I am using this medium to plead with the government and general public to help me get justice and to bring an end to injustice in Nigeria. Please help me.”


DOCUMENT : Lagos Resident Seeks Help, Laments After Mill Machine Cuts Off Right Hand by Sahara Reporters on Scribd

Source: Sahara Reporters.

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