Lady Uses Instagram To Destroy ‘Absurd Sickle Cell Myths’ To Save Lives

Lady Uses Instagram To Destroy ‘Absurd Sickle Cell Myths’ To Save Lives

A sickle cell survivor, Precious Gaza, is using social media to change the narrative around the Sickle Cell disorder.

Though regarded as the most common blood disorder, the disease remains a low priority for many health ministries. It’s common throughout much of Sub-saharan Africa, affecting up to 3% of births in some parts of the continent.

The 27-year-old who’s also a sickle cell patient has broken the self-imposed shackles that weigh down many to become an inspiration to others.

Gaza, an indigene of the Federal Capital Territory, holds a BSC in International  Relations and Diplomacy from Baze University and a Post-graduate degree from Liverpool John Moores University, UK in view.

Through her online coaching and experience-sharing, especially on Instagram, many are finding motivation to face their conditions with optimism.

She has continued to create better awareness of the sickle cell condition by destroying many myths around it. She also runs an NGO that supports sickle cell patients.

She constantly shares real-time experiences of being a warrior of sickle cell on Instagram as a way to debunk myths and encourage others.

In one of her Instagram posts, she revealed how a hole was drilled under her breasts in other to cure her of sickle cell.

Explaining why she shares her story online, she said, “I lived with a lot of hurt, pain, bitterness, and anger towards everyone that was a caretaker to me.

“I tell this story because I know a lot of warriors like me have gone through so much physical and emotional pain all in the name of finding a cure to sickle cell when we all know the only known cure is the $200k BMT procedure and also for awareness!

“There are a lot of absurd myths about sickle cell that I hate so much. I’m gonna debunk everyone.”

Her posts expectedly sparked reactions from her numerous followers on Instagram, with many also sharing their own experiences.

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 One of her followers, Adenuga moyosore said, “Thanks for sharing your stories. Got me remembering how I was cut severally on my neck also when I had hyperthyroidism, lost so much weight and ppl thought I was on drugs, lol. It was mad crazy. Healing from all of that took a toll on my mental health.

The sickle cell warrior recently won the digital Sickle Cell Advocate of the year award by sickle cell101, an organisation that specializes in sickle cell education for individuals impacted by sickle cell disease and sickle cell trait globally.


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