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Lab Coat Android 21 can take away the ability to perform two very important techniques in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Some might need to say goodbye to touch-of-death combos and Happy Birthdays

24 debuffbnr | Lab Coat Android 21 can take away the ability to perform two very important techniques in Dragon Ball FighterZ | The Paradise News

Dragon Ball FighterZ is seeing the first DLC character its seen in a while now released today, and some players have already gotten the chance to play her. Lab Coat Android 21 introduces the non-Majin form of the droid into the battle, and this contender has some really interesting tools at her disposal.

The guys over at Frame Advantage were given early access to the new warrior courtesy of Bandai Namco, and what they’re finding already is promising and admittedly, a little scary. Thanks to Lab Coat 21’s ability to debuff her opponents, she can actually stifle a character’s ability to perform two very important techniques in Dragon Ball FighterZ.

When it comes to Versus-style games — which Dragon Ball FighterZ is — a character’s ability to land a touch-of-death combo on the opposing fighter and the phenomenon where two or all three of the enemy team’s characters are caught at the same time and KO’d fully are staples. Some characters can do these things with just the use of several bars of meter, while basically everyone can do them when they have a full Sparking Blast active.

TODs and “Happy Birthdays” are an important aspect of these types of games, and here in DBFZ the newest combatant can actually stunt them making players potentially have to rethink their strategies and sequences.

Lab Coat Android 21 has a level 1 command throw super that, when landed, gives her a permanent 21% damage buff and hits the opponent with a 21% damage nerf. As a result, some characters who normally have guaranteed TOD combos with the right resources see those same sequences no longer wiping out the entire health bar.

One of the easier to perform and most well-known touch-of-death combos is owned by Base Form Goku, who can pop level 3 Sparking Blast (the strongest form of it), knock the opponent against the wall with forward heavy, capture them in his “Everyone, lend me your energy!” special move, then cancel into his incredibly powerful level 3 Spirit Bomb super. As Tyrant from Frame Advantage demonstrates, however, after being struck with Lab Coat 21’s debuff this guaranteed kill now leaves her with about 20% health left.

Another experiment shows Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Vegito hitting a Happy Birthday — snatching up the point character and both of the assist characters of the opponent’s team at the same time — and landing a powerful sequence that would normally KO the assists. When all is said and done, both of the training dummy’s assist characters remain alive thanks to the Lab Coat 21 debuff.

While this is certainly startling to see and might seem too damn good up front, Tyrant does go on to show that some characters can still get touch-of-death sequences after the debuff. Dragon Ball Super Broly remains capable of dishing out enough damage to fully wipe out Lab Coat Android 21’s health after the damage nerf, and he can do so with only a level 1 Sparking Blast and the assistance of GT Goku and SSGSS Vegito.

We still have to wait and see what the community finds when Lab Coat Android 21 is officially released, but here in the early stages it’s looking like players using certain characters might either fully lose their ability to land TODs and Happy Birthdays, or they’ll have to come up with new, specific sequences just for Lab Coat 21 users.