Kevin Campbell analyses Arsenal player who will “only get better”

Kevin Campbell analyses Arsenal player who will “only get better”

Nuno Tavares is in his first campaign at Arsenal, but it hasn’t really turned out how many expected it to.

The Portugal Under-21 player was brought in as a backup to the top-class but often injured Kieran Tierney.

He has had spells when he did well in the Arsenal team, and Tierney was even benched in some games for him to keep playing.

However, he is prone to making errors, and it is hard to tell which Tavares will show up for a particular game.

Former Arsenal player, Kevin Campbell believes the left-back is still very young, and he will improve his game.

He tells Football Insider: “The crazy thing is, early on in the season some fans were saying Nuno Tavares should start ahead of [Kieran] Tierney. This is about form.

“Tavares is a young player who is learning his trade. He will only get better. He will be better next season for the experiences he has had.

“It has been a rollercoaster for him this year. He has had good times, terrible times and indifferent times.”

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To be fair to Tavares, he has shown that he has the talent to play for us, but he needs to be more consistent.

Because we are making progress very fast, it is hard to overlook his flaws. He would probably get one more season to prove he can build consistency and play for this club.

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