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Ken makes an impossible choice in the latest issue of Street Fighter 6 comic

The third issue of the Street Fighter 6 “Days of the Eclipse” comic is now available and the stakes are higher than ever as we learn more about the events leading up to coming game.

Ken Masters gets the most spotlight as Johann “JP” Petrovich finally reveals what we’ve, more or less, known all along: he’s a real bad guy.

The first issue of Days of the Eclipse saw Ken still amid his traditional status as a successful businessman and excited potential tournament fighter, but as the story progressed he found himself framed for terrorist attacks from a masked group called “Amnesia”.

Though Ken was already sent on the run from the events in issues one and two, things get even hotter here in issue three as JP reveals that he’s part of Amnesia and makes Ken further appear to be the culprit behind the increasingly high stakes situation that’s emerging.

The attacks are not over as countless drones have been hijacked, fitted with bombs, and placed about Nayshall. What’s more is that Ken’s son, Mel, is abducted and placed next to one of said hijacked drones.

JP offers Ken his phone, which has been tampered with to become a detonator, and forces upon him the impossible choice of either saving his son or the city.

In the background SF6 protagonist, Luke, moves to track Ken down, but Luke’s own terrorism-afflicted past is surely muddling his emotions and thus we’re excited to see what will happen if and when he and Ken finally meet up.

Check out the full issue (as well as the first two if you haven’t had a chance to read them yet) and let us know in the comments what you think of this enticing story thus far.

Street Fighter 6 is scheduled to release on June 2 for the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and PC via Steam.


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