JustArsenal comments – Rules for subscribers

JustArsenal comments – Rules for subscribers

Okay, as I have said before, I am sick of getting up in the morning and having to read and delete posts from readers insulting and bickering about other readers.

So here are some simple rules which everyone can follow….

You agree not to give any personal abuse to other Arsenal fans. Everyone is allowed to hold their own opinions even if you disagree with them. BEING POLITE TO OTHER ARSENAL FANS COST NOTHING.

You agree to only discuss about Arsenal and football. No politics, race or religion (or conspiracy theories) are allowed.

You will not discuss or insult other readers that you dislike, you may point out why you disagree with their points ABOUT THE FOOTBALL.

We are ALL ARSENAL FANS, so no reason to insult each other…

The comment section is for discussion about Arsenal and football.

The subject of the article must be used as the basis of discussion. Try not to go “off-topic” too often.

You agree not to swear, even if abbreviated. JustArsenal is a family site.

Inane or ridiculous comments will be deleted.

Serial rule-breakers will be banned.

My decision is final in all matters.

***Be warned – If ANY comment is deleted by me, ALL the replies are automatically invisible, so sometimes your comment may disappear without actually being deleted***

Plus please be aware that I cannot be monitoring the comments for 24 hours every day. Do NOT leave posts saying “why haven’t you deleted such and such”. I will deal with them when I come back on site. back…

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