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“Just Need A Tall Friend With A Big Truck”: Simone Biles Once Adorably Showed Off Her Height Difference With 6’3 Tall Guy Friend

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By Steve Heldon

Sometimes all you need in life is supporting friends who give you leverage in your trying times. And, this could be especially helpful if the friend in question is excruciatingly tall in contrast to your tiny self. Athlete and Olympic Gymnast, Simone Biles, is a powerhouse and leads a blessed life. But, from time to time she is not afraid to poke fun at her 4ft 9′ self. She does so by posing next to gigantic friends and sportspersons.

From looking incredibly minuscule beside other Olympic legends like Michael Phelps to posing beside basketball players, she astonishes her fans all the time by just simply clicking a snap. And, in the year 2016, she did something similar. She simply posted a picture of her and a friend together on Instagram. And, safe to say, here fans found that to be quite amusing.


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Simone Biles gets a picture with her friend and posts it with a hilarious caption

In an Instagram post dated 4th July 2016, Simone Biles posted a picture of her beside her guy friend, American Footballer Reese Mason. But, this seemingly normal picture evolved into something funny all thanks to Simone’s caption. Here caption read, “sometimes you just need a tall friend with a big truck”. But, to further clarify the height differences between the two buddies Simone decided to perch up on the vehicle’s footrest. And, still, she was not at the same height as him!

Both the athletes have major height differences. Reese is an American football payer and stands at around 1.90m while our petite gymnast is only 1.42m. The commenters on the post wasted no time speaking about this contrast.

One comment read, “When you are so short you need to stand on a truck”. And, another one said, “Look how small compared to the truck!

Simone is a powerhouse in every sense


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Simone has been heralded as the new age role model for the incoming generations. And, it is not without a reason. Her story of breaking away from the foster care system to surviving physical assault and mental agonies makes her a perfect person for this role. In 2017 she stood up against her body shamers, her naysayers. In 2021, she proved to the world that taking time off for mental health is not a weakness.


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From being mediocre as a child to winning 7 Olympic medals and being called a GOAT of her sport, Biles has ticked every box. And, her legendary journey has been recorded in her autobiography, ‘Courage to Soar.’ Through her gravity-defying feats, Simone not only has brought major recognition to the USA and to Gymnastics but has also given hope to countless individuals. And, that’s, what makes her THE Simone Biles.

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