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John Frog, Lady Kola take war to Facebook as feud ends in tears

John Frog, Lady Kola and Lucky Charm. [Photo via Facebook]

JUBA – The feud between prominent South Sudanese musicians, Lady Kola and John Frog, which began early this year show no signs of slowing down.

The row started when Lady Kola’s sister, Lucky Charm, took to social media to announce the termination of John Frog’s contract after bitter argument last month.

The dispute resulted into series of multiple arrests by both side.

Controversial artist, Mr. Frog has faced multiple social media attack and bullies from Lady Kola and her sister, Lucky Charm.

The prominent musicians flooded social media with countless attacks, and counter-claim of assault and threat.

John Frog who emerged as first South Sudanese artist to make collaboration with Tanzanian singer, Harmonize last week claimed that Lady Kola and her sister, Lucky Charm, physically attacked him at his hotel room in Hai Thawra.

“Lucky Cham, Lady Kola including mother attacked me in my hotel room 3 weeks ago and they took my phone by force and they went with it, because they said they need their phone back which was given to me as gift by Lucky Charm,” Mr. John said in recent post on Facebook.

Lucky Charm terminated contract with celebrated richest singer Mr. John and took over his social media account.

“I never wanted to involve myself in these primitive behaviors about John Frog as you all know I have been helping him since and things were not going well, so when I decided to put my help to an end,” Lucky Charm said in recent post on Facebook.

“I don’t want any other woman out there with the same intentions of helping someone to go through this and also want to be an example to strong ladies out there who have sometimes had to deal with threats to their privacies but have been hesitating to go public.”

Lady Kola-an award winning female performing artist claimed that she picked John up after his beef with K2 and introduced him to her blood sister, Lucky Charm to promote his music.

Kola said after her sister terminated the contract of John, he started intimidating, threatening and blackmailing her sister Charm.

“What pains me the most is that he has being intimidating, threatening and blackmailing my sister over nothing just to keep him in-tag,” Kola said in recent Facebook post.

Kola on Saturday took to social media threatening to post nudes of John Frog if he said any nasty thing about family.

“Mr. crying man, I talk with action if I upload the video you won’t like it. Say anything again and I will post it.”

John Frog has been battling his fellow musicians who see him as a threat to their music success

In January, 2021, John Frog fell out with his promoter Mr. Koryom Alor aka Promoter K2.

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