Job: Ubuntu Quality Engineer at Canonical

Job: Ubuntu Quality Engineer at Canonical

Job Description

We are seeking a software engineer passionate about software quality, Ubuntu, and the open source community, to join the Ubuntu Quality Engineering team as we expand the set of open source packages we fully support and secure.
We see quality engineering as a first class engineering practice and are looking for people who can bring deep engineering insights to automation, testing capabilities, reporting and data analytics, as well as run processes in partnership with Canonical and community teams.
Ubuntu strives to deliver the latest-best free software components, in an easy to use and highly reliable form.
We build on the technical excellence of Debian and bring additional focus and shape to the solutions we offer the industry.
As an Ubuntu Quality Engineer, you must be passionate about the future of Ubuntu, about quality and continuous integration and testing.
You will work closely with multiple teams at the heart of Ubuntu and drive quality excellence. You will work closely with the Ubuntu Desktop, Server and Foundations team and put in place metrics for quality.
You will research existing issues, troubleshoot and resolve problems, and identify opportunities for improvement and communicate them to the rest of the organization to drive the overall quality of Ubuntu.

What you’ll do:

Monitor indicators of quality across the Ubuntu ecosystem and products
Troubleshoot and resolve issues in Ubuntu Desktop, Ubuntu Server and Ubuntu Core
Enhance our continuous integration to guard Ubuntu image, release and package quality
Report on KPIs and analytical insights
Empower other teams for better planning and constant quality improvements
Develop, enhance and automate test cases, from unit tests to end-to-end multi machine workloads
Work from home with international travel twice a year, for events up to two weeks long.

Valued Skills and Experience

A strong software engineering, Linux, and open source background
In-depth knowledge of Python and Shell scripting
Experience with C/C++
Excellent troubleshooting skills and experience working with others to identify, isolate and resolve issues
Experience with quality processes and continuous integration tools
Experience working in an agile development environment
Experience with Debian/Ubuntu based operating system and good understanding of Debian packaging and snaps would also be a considerable advantage.

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