Job: Quantity Surveyor at Integrated Corporate Services – ICSL

Job: Quantity Surveyor at Integrated Corporate Services – ICSL

Working Hours: 08:00 am- 05:00pm (Mondays to Fridays)

Location: Onikan, Lagos.

Salary: N3.0- N4.2m per annum gross package including (HMO and Pension Contribution)

Age: Not more than 40 years.

Experience: Minimum of 6 years post NYSC relevant experience in recognized construction firm, must have managed projects individually valued at N300m.

Qualification: B.Sc or HND Quantity Surveying ,Professional Certificate is an added advantage.

1. Ensure that targeted profit margins for each project milestones are achieved. This should be done through very strict project monitoring programs.
Target profit is defined as stated BOQ profit plus 15% savings on projected material wastages on project site.
2. Ensure that accurate and reliable Bills of Quantities and Budget are prepared for all projects and approved by relevant authority.
3. Ensure that all materials required on project site are made available timely. This includes the following steps which must be affected on time.

  • Establish re-order levels for all frequently used materials for each site.
  • Request must be made early to allow sufficient time for approval and ordering and timely delivery of material to site.
  • Monthly stock position must be taken and figures obtained included in monthly project status report.  
  • Any issue(s) that could cause a delay in the ordering process must be reported to the GM or MD.

4. Ensure that all requests for payment and reimbursement are properly vetted before presentation for approval for payment.

  • The following procedures must be followed for payment approval.
  • Request from site Engineers must be accompanied by a signed job completion certificate. Request must be vetted and passed on for approval without delay. Engineers must not be allowed to be idle in the office waiting for payment approval. All disagreement must be resolved within the hour and request approved or rejected.

Prepare and submit at agreed times the following Reports:

  • Valuation Report (Monthly)
  • Project Financial Report status – This report will contain information on end of period status report, cost/budget performance and cost projection for the next period- (Fortnightly). Site Inventory position must be reported for the end of month report.
  • Material cost Survey update report (Monthly)
  • A report is deemed late not when submitted 24hrs after the due date. Poorly reports e.g., reports with inaccurate data and submissions will be penalized.

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