Job: Operations Specialist at Shuttler

Job: Operations Specialist at Shuttler

Specialization(s): Transportation / Logistics / Shipping

Job Summary

The Operations Specialist is skilled at creating seamless and efficient processes, using lean principles, managing internal and external factors to deliver a great experience for customers and staff.

Job Description
Process Improvement:

Adept at creating and optimizing processes that can scale with an increased number of users
Regularly audit established processes, test for failure points and redesign processes to address the failures.
Own Business Improvement initiatives and train associates to maintain such processes.
Ensure organizational efficiency by designing templates for project management and optimizing processes in the different units of the Operations team


Create detailed and easily understandable presentations for varied purposes such as onboarding and training of new staff
Demonstrate a clear understanding of Shuttlers’ offerings and be able to engage external stakeholders on the services.

Stakeholder management:

Create and manage service level agreements (SLAs) between teams, partners and vendors
Engage partners, conduct check-ins and risk assessments profiles for the partners


Coordinate and guide a team of associates, trainees and interns to effectively manage a suite of business functions.
Collaborate with the Head of Department and the Human Resources team to provide learning and development opportunities for your team members based on identified skill gaps and career growth goals.
Support the Head of Operations in the design and execution of Business Continuity plans

Data analysis:

Create data-focused regular reports on company goals with automated real time dashboards that show performance metrics
Monitor supply performance, quality and operations metrics for different cities to ensure adequate supply and utilization


A Degree in Business Administration, Operations Management or Transport Management.
4 – 5 years experience in a similar role or at a start-up.
Excellent written and verbal communication skills
Ability to work methodically and meet deadlines
A keen eye for details.
Strong analytical and organizational skills.
Experience in inventory management and database analysis.
Strong computer proficiency.

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