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Job: Oncology Nurse at NSIA-LUTH Cancer Center (NLCC)

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Provide clinical care utilizing skills to ensure Patient-focused evidence-based nursing care plans.
Coordinate the clinical management of patient/client care.
Delivering anti-cancer treatments to patients.
Provide patient assessment skills, IV cannulation and venous access device management.
Support registered nurses that need training in the oncology field.
Observe the clinical progress of patients, and recognize and manage identified treatment side effects.
Enhance patient flow, and deliver the right care at the right time in the outpatient setting.
Mix chemotherapy drugs according to international best practices and standards.
Provide continuous support to the cancer patients and family members.
Participate in oncology research.
Perform other duties as may be assigned within the unit.


3-5 years’ experience within a hospital setting.
Must be a Registered Nurse, previous experience in oncology will be an added advantage.
Having worked in a specialized unit (ICU/Dialysis/ Theater) is key.
Have a good knowledge and experience in medical-surgical operations and/or radiation.
S/he must have eyes for details, must show empathy to patients assigned for treatment;
S/he must be able to communicate (read and write) in the English language. The ability to speak another local language will be an added advantage.
An excellent team player with good time management skills.
Typing proficiency and computer literacy.
Patient triage.

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