Job: Network Engineer (CCIE) at GVA Partners

Job: Network Engineer (CCIE) at GVA Partners

Our client requires the service of a highly skilled Network engineer with Fin-Tech experience to oversee and maintain all aspects of Network hardware. This includes maintaining networks security patches, configuration and security programs and systems.

  • Monitor Network security status, monitor Application and Response System (CSMARS) and other security monitoring tools

  • Manage remote connections (VPN management)

  • Monitor and enforce compliance with network security policies bank wide

  • Carry out all suggested response actions to threats upon detection of a security breach or network attack 

  • Ensure proper functioning of all Security Devices (Checkpoints, ASA, PIX Firewall, IPS, Routers)

  • Review logs of Security devices (Checkpoints, IPS, ACS,ASA,PIX Firewall)

  • Coordinate the regular changing network devices passwords

  • Carry out network security audit, periodic vulnerability assessment and network penetration

  • Testing (ethical hacking) using tools such as Qualys guard and NMAP

  • Generate and send Network Security Reports (daily, weekly, monthly)

  • Research and suggest improvement initiatives with regards to Network Security

  • Lockdown of all network devices and new equipment’s before deployment

  • Configuration of Network Security features for new branches equipment (IP Sec site-site VPN, Identity Based Network Service (IBNS), Port Security, SNMP V3 etc.)

  • Remote Access Security configuration for new users/groups with access levels/permissions

  • Security impact assessment for every new network activity and mitigation strategy implementation

  • Monitor and ensure security of Wireless Network 

  • Perform other duties as assigned by Team Lead, Networks & Communications Management

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