Job: Materials Planning Manager at Wemy Industries Limited

Job: Materials Planning Manager at Wemy Industries Limited

Industry: FMCG

Job Brief

We are looking for a material planner to manage inventories and ensure that material resources are consistent with production schedules.
The material planner's responsibilities include determining material specifications, creating and maintaining inventory schedules, coordinating with internal departments, and managing external stakeholder relations.


Determining the required materials and generating purchase orders.
Ensuring materials meet specifications, quality standards, and are cost-efficient.
Ensuring the consistent and adequate supply of materials necessary for production.
Coordinating with other departments regarding production goals, timelines, supplier payments, etc.
Tracking production volume and monitoring customer demand patterns and purchasing trends.
Scheduling and overseeing the supply and delivery of materials and products.
Liaising with customers, suppliers, and distributors.
Managing inventory issues, schedule changes, and cancellations.
Preparing cost estimates and performance reports.


A Degree in Accounting, Business, Logistics, Inventory Management or a related field.
2+ years of experience in material planning, inventory management, purchasing, or a related position.
Strong organizational and time management skills.
Knowledge of manufacturing processes.
Good communication skills, both verbal and written.
Proficiency in Microsoft Office and material management systems.
Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

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