Job: Marketing Brand and Communications Manager at Prixair

Job: Marketing Brand and Communications Manager at Prixair

Career Brief
You will be responsible for the overall messaging and marketing strategy, riding heavily on technology for the entire restaurants. As a brand communications manager, your job duties include supervising a team of marketing specialists, intense digital marketing, creating marketing elements such as logos, advertising media, and messaging, and coordinating with product managers on appropriate branding.leading the brand marketing and communications team in continually enhancing the restaurants brand image; increasing brand awareness, and providing after-sales support through advertisements, media, point-of sale, partnerships, and relationship marketing.Overall PurposeTo increase the reach and impact of Prixair Catering profile and visibility through the delivery of high value and influential marketing, communications, Digital marketing and PR in Abuja thereby significantly contributing to the development of new program partnerships and funding opportunities.

Key Responsibilities
Marketing & Communications
Develop and deliver creative marketing and communication strategies, plans and approaches to help market and position Prixair Catering to attract more clients and retain customers.
Plan the marketing and communications strategies for Prixair Catering using technology majorly and for different audiences.
Work with the communication, IT and senior management teams to put the strategy into practice.
This will include

  • Design and develop creative communication and marketing products – presentations, briefings, etc. that will maximise message, support the restaurants objectives and contribute to the profit line.
  • Plan and implement direct marketing approaches including targeting, personalisation of messages and measurability; data analysis, customer profiling and segmentation
  • Develop a strong digital strategy in conjunction with the IT team
  • Develop a web strategy covering all catering websites and ensure all the websites analytics are very well represented.
  • Develop processes to keep PRIXAIR catering websites up to date.
  • Develop and oversee a strategic Marketing program of activities and events for prixair catering that people can relate with and will grow the brand exponentially
  • Ensure the brand meets expectations through monitoring marketing trends and partner feedback.
  • Manage, with the communication officers, mailing lists and work closely with the digital marketing officers to ensure that mailing lists across the organisation work together
  • Manage the Marketing & Communications budget and ensure program milestones related to marketing & communications are achieved on time and within budget
  • Develop proposals to be submitted to strategic prospective clients who can become corporate clients of the organization and create reports to ensure robust and creative marketing and communication considerations are adopted
  • Represent Prixair Catering at food fairs, external meetings and conferences.
  • Act as the first point of contact for the business with respect to external communications such as providing support with conference presentations

Staff Management

  • Performance and operational management of a small team working across multiple catering progams(sales, digital marketing) and locations.
  • Inspiring, motivating and supporting staff so that they are thinking and acting at their best, delivering high quality work, working as an effective team and meeting organisational and individual objectives
  • Support the professional development of the team to continuously develop skills and expertise and support career development aspirations
  • Coordinate (and in some cases manage) the work of external communication consultants and identify new consultants with additional expertiseGeneral
  • Contribute to the overall development of Prixair Catering strategies and plans
  • Ensure the values of participation, partnership, sustainability, social responsibility, cost effectiveness, transparency and accountability are reflected in your work
  • Any other responsibilities as may reasonably be required from time to time

Skills Required

  • A strategic tech savvy and creative thinker with proven experience of working on diverse and wide ranging communication strategies including all forms of media
  • Strong management and leadership skills demonstrated by evidence of leading high performing teams that contribute to organisational objectives and show resilience in the face of changing priorities
  • Experience of developing and managing strong and complex relationships across program as part of a centralised function
  • and externally with multiple stakeholders
  • strong Experience with 21st century marketing development using high technology
  • Experience with websites and digital tools
  • Experience of measuring the impact of communications products and changing strategies as a result of the findings
  • Excellent project management skills
  • Proficient in the use of advanced IT Systems
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills and an ability to communicate clearly with a range of people from diverse


  • Degree qualification (preferably in Marketing, branding and Communications, digital marketing, or technology related)
  • Masters is an added advantage


  • Have an excellent understanding of how to use marketing tools and techniques to increase the visibility, profile and reputation of an organisation
  • Have a good understanding of social media and the impact technology is having on communications and collaboration.
  • Note: Must be Abuja based
  •  Must be willing to start on short notice

 Age: 30 – 40
 Salary Range 180 – 250k

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