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Job: IT Innovation and Design Officer at Bincike International

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Location: Jimeta, Yola, Adamawa

Job Description

The IT Innovation and Design Officer will oversee all design projects in the company/organization.
He/She also directs design tests from conception stage to completion, to analyze the feasibility of new products and services.
He/She directs the quality management of all design output and formulates new business ideas.
He/She identifies emerging business trends or issues in the industry to align design solutions with evolving customer needs.
He/She champions succession planning, capability development, and employee engagement initiatives.
He/She forge local and international networks within the Design industry.
He/She possesses strong leadership skills, as well as excellent written and verbal communication skills.
He/She must be able to inspire others to think creatively and foster a workplace culture based on innovation.
He/She has good business acumen and keeps himself/herself updated on new trends and technologies in the industry.


Align design solutions and offerings with evolving customer needs, technological advancements, and the organization's brand identity.
Align human resources with business needs.
Appraise the effectiveness of new design output against the organization's commercial objectives.
Build quality relationships with executive management.
Coach future leaders of the organization.
Conceptualize design solutions and offerings.
Determine the overall direction for design aesthetics and user experience.
Develop strategies and design solutions that promote the organization's capabilities.
Direct design tests from conception stage to completion.
Direct the quality management of all design output.
Disseminate new knowledge on design management across the organization.
Drive research efforts to identify emerging trends or issues in the design industry.
Drive value creation for the organization by leading initiatives in business and digital transformation.
Endorse business strategies, business continuity frameworks, policies, and plans.
Enhance the organization's design solutions and offerings.
Formulate new business ideas and direction.
Lead organizational succession planning, capability development, and employee engagements.
Maximize the organization's financial and operational performance.
Provide creative direction on the development of design prototypes.
Steer the organization towards global excellence.

Skills / Qualifications

University Degree / HND in Computer Science, Information Technology or any related field.
2 years experience.
Ability to type a certain rate of words per minute
Familiarity with graphic design and desktop publishing
Understanding of Microsoft Office and/or Google Workspace
Ability to write persuasively
Prepare accurate reports

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