Job: Human Resources and Administration Manager at Human Capital Partners (HCP)

Job: Human Resources and Administration Manager at Human Capital Partners (HCP)



The Role reports to the Managing Director and is responsible for ensuring the pursuit of policies and guidelines for the management of the company. Ensuring the application of all Human Resources policies to increase the skills, the efficiency and flexibility of the organisation in accordance with the Company strategy, overseeing the processes of selection, management and development, training and personnel administration, Unions and work representative relations.

  • Ensure the promptness covering of the required personnel according to the schedule and needs of the business, checking for internal availability and/or ensuring the activation of the necessary processes of selection.
  • Ensure that the selection of the personnel provides to satisfy the needs of the various quantitative and qualitative services through verification of the attendance of the professional requirements, motivational aspects and the economic sustainability of the new entries, while ensuring the definition and verification of the implementation of the Personnel Placement Plans.
  • Ensure that the own, fair and regular implementation as well as the ongoing development and monitoring of the performance evaluation system.
  • Promote and monitor initiatives with the scope of maintaining a high level of personal motivation and a strategic high potential.
  • Ensure the activities of forecasting, monitor and report of the labour costs (budget of staff).
  • Oversee the Administration process ensuring the implementation and the regular updating to reflect regulatory, practices of Discipline of the work and of techniques of the management remuneration.
  • Ensure the completion of all activities related to travel and missions, and the settlement of the personnel on site to work; controlling and providing support for the themes of competences.
  • Manage relationships with Unions and worker’s representative.
  • Manage the employment relationship, the application of the Contracts, the union agreements, and contracts of any dispute expertise.
  • Manage and resolve any disputes, which may see the Company involved in issues of Labour problems.
  • Manage the training department and the training records of personnel.
  • Maintain the CVs of all personnel;
  • Ensure the immigration compliance of the Business.
  • Ensure the compliance of all HR NCDMB reporting for the Nigerian Content Manager.
  • Ensure the compliance of all HR reporting for Statutory bodies.
  • Implement and maintain the safety and health policies and standards.
  • Provide a hazard-free or hazard-controlled work environment for all employees.
  • Maintain equipment in proper condition and ensure that employees are well trained in maintaining all equipment, whether it is a vehicle, office equipment or media type equipment.
  • Keep abreast of accident trends and take proper corrective action to reverse those trends.
  • Assist in Investigating all accidents within each jurisdiction, whether serious or not. Any recordable accident or preventable equipment accident will be investigated.
  • Enforce all hazard control rules, regulations and procedures through self-inspections and doing job safety analysis.
  • Actively support instruction and training sessions for both supervisors and employees and schedule annual or more frequent training as per OSHA and other regulatory requirements.
  • Actively participate in safety committee activities and follow up on recommendations.


  • Bachelor’s degree in any discipline from an accredited university.
  • Postgraduate qualification in Human Resources.
  • Registration in a professional body.
  • Minimum of ten (10) years’ experience in Human Resources Management and with at least five (5) years as Human Resources Manager in multicultural environment.
  • Good knowledge in economic and financial matters, contract sector, industrial relations and labour discipline.
  • Excellent Writing and Communication skills.

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