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Job: Generator Maintenance/Operator at Artee Group

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Artee Group is one of Nigeria’s leading businesses spanning across the consumption space. While retail forms the core business activity of Artee Group, Group subsidiaries are present in shopping mall, manufacturing, real estates, among many others. At Artee Group, our statement of purpose is ‘Adding value beyond limits’. This is as true as it was in 1998, when we started out as a wholesaler in Nigeria. SPAR Park n Shop which operates in the hypermarket and supermarket retail format is today present across 3 cities of Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt. In the year 2014, Artee Group launch its first shopping mall in Port Harcourt. Riding on the success of Port Harcourt Mall, Artee Group is presently working on 3 shopping mall projects across Nigeria. With the launch of Dollarstore in Port Harcourt Mall, Artee Group recently added another value format to its retail brand portfolio. Expanding its presence across the consumption space, Artee joined hands with Landmark Group of Dubai to launch Babyshop, Lifestyle and Splash store brands to cater to fashion and lifestyle requirements of Nigerians. Artee Group’s retail network touches the lives of millions of Nigerians. The cornerstone of our philosophy is listening, adapting, and delivering exceptional value to our customers, investors and shareholders. What sets us apart at Artee Group is a strong and dynamic culture of entrepreneurship.JOB DESCRIPTION

Technical Role

Turning on/off of the generators and switching over to electricity and vice versa.
Properly check, observe and detect any change in sound and performance of the store equipment and report the same for timely actions.
Switching on the store equipment at the opening and ensuring the same are switched off at the close of the store.
Tracking of electricity and generator usage through recording of times and updating same on google sheet provided.​​​​

Maintenance Role

Provision of palliative actions on faulty equipment before full contracting of the same to the appropriate contractors for a complete repair.
Ensuring efficient running of all equipment inthe store
Changing of light bulbs and assisting the admin in handling other in store technical tasks.


Ability to multitask
Ability to take instructions
Ability to stretch behond one's immediate closing time
Time consciousness (ability to report incidents and execute tasks within the required time frame)
Should have a backgroud in technical field (ELECTRICAL PREFERABLE) OND HOLDER


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