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Job: Executive Assistant to MD at Pause Factory

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Pause Factory is an Organizational Development Company 100% dedicated to leveraging emotional intelligence and performance management to drive individual and organizational transformation. We use Neuroscience tools and assessment, coaching and consulting, training and certification to achieve needed transformation in individuals and organizations. Job Purpose

To be the load bearer for the Managing Director

Job Description

It includes but is not limited to the following:

Responsible for relieving the managing director of all routine and non-routine business concerns that are bureaucratic, repetitive; requiring continuous tracking, organizing, coordinating, planning, scheduling, reminding; obtain, process and provide him with timely, concise, critical and useful business and other important information; and promote, as well as protect his public image.
Manage all electronic and paper documents pertaining to the managing director, process them, present them whenever needed and them in manners that guarantee security and ease of future retrieval.
Ensure flawless scheduling, organization, coordination and keeping the managing director abreast of all business meetings, appointments, conferences, exhibitions and other arrangements pertaining to him.
Make arrangement for the hosting of foreign business partners, dignitaries and other important personalities and ensure reputable hospitality.
Take minutes of all internal management meetings and external business meetings involving the managing director, directors and other business associates.

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