Job: Customer Acquisition & Retention Specialist at Zaph & Zoe

Job: Customer Acquisition & Retention Specialist at Zaph & Zoe

Zaph & Zoe Agro Export Company is an African commodity sourcing, processing and export company. We work closely with farmers in the rural parts of Africa to produce crops and crop products for a wide range of industries all over the world at best possible price, coupled with speed and an insanely exceptional customer experience.

Position Summary;

  • The customer acquisition & retention specialist is the intermediary between the company and the customers. Communicating the requests and thoughts of the customers (as regards to product & service) to every person in the company and ensure they are well understood and followed through.
  • The CARS must be smart and witty. Must be able to deliver value and be passionate about the success of the role (No average candidate will be considered).
  • The CARS will be in charge of bringing new customers to the company and closing deals with the customers. The CSS must be skilled in social media marketing.
  • The CARS must understand that customer acquisition and satisfaction is key to our vision as a company and will ensure the customer has a satisfied relationship with the company

Organization Interface;

The CARS will report directly to the CEO. The customer service specialist will work closely with the operations manager to see that customer needs are properly communicated to the production team and the entire company.

The CARS must see that this communication is followed through and will work closely with operations manager on ensuring errors in shipping documents are avoided.

The CARS will also work closely with the freight forwarder and shipping lines for proper communication between company, freight forwarder, shipping lines and the company.

Performance Objectives;

  • Work closely with customers, get feedbacks, acquaint with different product grades, organization policies and efficiently communicate to production team for improvement and to maintain product standard.
  • Be very social media friendly. Must be active on LinkedIn, IG and Facebook. Must be good at sourcing for customers on these platforms and engaging them.
  • Must be good at social media marketing. Make adequate weekly social media posts with the right captions. Must know how to run effective social media adverts and campaigns.
  • Engage fully in customer acquisition. Bring new customers to the company through several means as cold calling, internet search, b2b websites etc (to work with CEO on this)
  • Ensure customers are frequently updated on the progress of their jobs. Must be able to greatly improve customer satisfaction.
  • Understand prices and pricing model. Negotiate realistic prices, agreements etc that are favorable. To work with CEO on this.
  • Ensure detailed contracts are made with all key parties doing business with the company and with customers. Contracts to be acknowledged by all parties.
  • Keep track of customer details and buying data. Ensure loyal customers are appreciated.
  • Attend to new customer requests swiftly. Make offers and ensure relevant parties are copied in the communication.
  • In charge of preparing all shipping documents and forwarding drafts of same to customer before processing the original documents. To liaise with operation manager on this.
  • Keep records of all documents and necessary information of each customer in folders
  • Ensure swift email communication between shipping lines, freight forwarder, company and all relevant parties


  • The customer acquisition & retention specialist is to have at least 2 years proven social media marketing experience. Must be skilled in negotiation. Must be skilled in managing complaints and people. Should be very good with basic computer platforms such as MS excel, MS word, email.
  • Candidate should be extremely observant and possess good attention to details. Excellent communication skill (written and oral) is required. Must be polite, passionate and well organized.
  • Candidate must strive to understand the vision of the company and be willing to run with this vision. Must be willing to be relevant and be an effective part of the organization.

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