Job: Application and Integration Support Engineer at Waya Multilink

Job: Application and Integration Support Engineer at Waya Multilink
  • Ensure IT application availability as well as performance  

  • Provide support within the Incident Management process (e.g. trouble shooting) 

  • Provide support within the Problem Management process (e.g. root cause analysis) 

  • Coordinate and discuss special technical requests with internal and external IT service providers 

  • Ensure a SaaS and IaaS based enterprise IT-Platform availability 24/7 as well as the application performance 

  • Take care on the Access Management process 

  • Contribute to the Knowledge, Release and Configuration Management processes 

  • Perform Escalation Management on a technical level 

  • Define and ensure backup and restore plus disaster recovery scenarios 

  • Configure and install enterprise IT applications 

  • Coordinate special technical requests with IT service providers 

  • Contribute to implementation of IT application architecture  

  • implement data integration and mapping concepts 

  • Using ICT tools to integrate and implement hardware and software solutions across an organization or its different components 

  • Handling a broad range of software and other programming tasks to ensure that their systems integrations are functional. 

  • Implementing ICT system best practices in their organization for the sake of legal and ethical policies for integration 

  • Defining integration strategies and methods and then planning them in accordance with established deadlines and time schedules 

  • Creating and providing technical documentation that explains upcoming or existing integrations to non-technical individuals 

  • prepare data extracts and apply data transformations 

  • support migration concept from legacy applications 

  • analyse database extracts and (OS) logfiles to further improve system stability and performance 

  • Contribute to accurate and up-to-date quality and end-user documentation 

  • Assist during internal and external audits 

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