jHub Fellowship Scheme: "Work hard – play hard"

jHub Fellowship Scheme: "Work hard – play hard"

We’ve all heard the saying “work hard – play hard” before but its relevance in the workplace can sometimes be called into question. This is not the case, at the jHub as Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Catalyst Team, Alex, explained:

It’s definitely one of the most dynamic, energetic, fun places I’ve worked. The work you do is tangible and impactful. You’re really empowered and it’s a lovely group of people.

Alex’s journey to the jHub began as a Civil Servant. Having experienced a number of positions through the Fast Stream programme Alex arrived at Defence Digital and it was here, she says, that the jHub came into focus:

I was working in Defence Digital and heard about the jHub and thought it sounded amazing. I began working with the team as part of a loan before transferring it into a full-time job.

Now COO of the Catalyst Team, Alex is responsible for spreading the benefits of the jHub across Defence. This includes sharing information, as well as lessons learned, tools, and understanding across Defence.

However, such a big task requires a cohesive team effort according to Alex:

The leadership put a particular emphasis on being a team and investing in team dynamics. We have social events, and when we work together we bring our ideas and projects into open forums.

The jHub’s collective approach to work not only encourages participation, but also inspires discussion and challenges employees to ask questions. It promotes empowerment among employees and this, Alex says, comes down to the approach of the organisation:

We work more as a principle-based organisation rather than a rules-based organisation. Whilst there’s a lot of respect, there is definitely open forum for challenge. Everyone is viewed as equally valuable, and their input is equally important.

So, what is Alex’s favourite thing about working at jHub?

The people. They genuinely all care for each other and don’t just want the best for the jHub but for everyone working in it.

Alex finished our interview with a simple message for anyone thinking about pursuing a career in the jHub – Apply.

It’s probably one of the most interesting and empowered places you can work in Defence, and one where you’re given the opportunity to make the biggest impact in any area you care about.

You can find more information about working for the jHub and their new Innovation Fellowship by reading the Innovation Fellowship Launches article.

Source: GOV.UK

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