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Jeremy Strong, “Succession” Star, Reveals His Life as a Father

– Jeremy Strong, who plays Kendall Roy on HBO’s “Succession,” is a much better parent than his character in the show. He has three children with his wife, Emma Wall, and they have a stable home life together.
– Strong prefers to keep his personal life private and does not have social media. He has only shared a few anecdotes about his daughters Ingrid and Clara in interviews and has not revealed any information about his youngest daughter.
– Despite playing a highly dysfunctional character on screen, Strong values his family life and enjoys a quiet life with his wife and children when he is not filming.

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Succession fans have been eagerly awaiting the fourth and final season of the hit HBO show, which follows the Roy siblings as they vie for control over their father’s media empire. One of the standout performances in the series is Jeremy Strong’s portrayal of Kendall Roy, the troubled eldest son who struggles to balance his personal demons with his ambition to take over Waystar RoyCo. However, in real life, Strong is a proud father to three children with his wife, Emma Wall, and leads a much quieter existence than his on-screen persona.

Strong has spoken in interviews about his “stable” home life and how he enjoys spending his downtime with his family. He has chosen to stay away from social media, preferring to keep his personal life private. However, the actor has shared some insights into his experiences as a father over the years, particularly when it comes to his two daughters, Ingrid and Clara.

According to GQ, Strong describes himself as “a much better parent” than Kendall Roy, and he takes pride in being present and supportive for his children. In one interview, he spoke about how his daughter Ingrid had helped him stay focused during a particularly challenging time in his career. He also revealed that he enjoys playing music with his daughters and that they have a tradition of singing together on Christmas Eve.

However, when it comes to his youngest daughter, Strong has remained tight-lipped. Her name and birth date have not been made public, and the actor has yet to share any anecdotes or details about her. This is in keeping with his desire to keep his private life separate from his work, and it’s clear that Strong values his role as a father just as much as his successful acting career.

As we look forward to the final season of Succession, it’s clear that Jeremy Strong’s portrayal of Kendall Roy will continue to captivate audiences. However, it’s also heartening to know that in his personal life, he is a dedicated and loving father who values his family above all else.


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