“It is time for us to relinquish power’, Kuol Manyang tells Kiir

“It is time for us to relinquish power’, Kuol Manyang tells Kiir

South Sudan senior presidential advisor Kuol Manyang Juuk [Photo by Sudans Post]

JUBA – South Sudan’s senior presidential advisor and former minister of defense Kuol Manyang Juuk has said that he had, at one point’ advised President Salva Kiir Mayardit that people who participate in the struggle like him should relinquish power in order not to spoil the legacy of liberation struggle.

Speaking in an interview with a local radio this week, Manyang said the SPLM has been in power for seventeen years and has not done anything as a legacy, saying this was one of the reasons that he wanted to go home and work in the private sector to avoid his legacy of liberation being strained.

“I told President Salva [Kiir Mayardit] that it is time for us to relinquish power and give it to the young people and he has been in agreement [with me] because we have been in power since 2005 and now this is 17 years for us leading the government of South Sudan,” Manyang said.

“We could have done anything, but this years have gone and we have a lot of challenges, political challenges, a rebellion, defections, the country is experiencing insecurity, no development, something that we have not done for the last 17 years, really, are we sure that we can do it tomorrow?” he asked.

He said he and those who participated in the liberation struggle for the independence of South Sudan have done their part and they should go home so that they don’t ruin their legacy by participating in the ruling of the country which he said would results in mistakes that might stain their legacy.

“We have done our part, in fact that we have liberated the country, this is a legacy better than anything else. I even told President Salva and Dr. John that once we liberate our country, will not be in the executive. I want to be a farmer in the private sector because I don’t want to spoil the good legacy have end because when I go to the executive, I will go and make mistakes that may even rub out all the good things that I did. Why do I want to be the president, to do what?” he questioned.

“So, I have no interest really. If President Salva wants to continue is up to him but me, I want to go and sit with my family and leave until I die there, what else do I need? Those who might be somewhere, they don’t want to work, is up to them, I have done my part,” he added.


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