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iOS 16.2 update on iPhone arrives just before the holidays

By Abdullah

Apple could update the iPhones in the few days left before the end of the year. The company has been working on multiple beta versions of iOS 16.2 since the end of October. But the stable version is not yet official. The Cupertino brand may deploy the update on December 12 or 16, according to the most recent rumors. In light of this, the beta final version will be available today, Tuesday, December 6.

Before they are made available to the public, beta versions of iOS let developers test the newest features from Apple. It is possible to sign up for the Apple developer program and gain access to beta versions of iOS, iPadOS, and MacOS, but there are problems involved in this manipulation.

iOS 16.2 will launch on December 2022

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Since the betas are test versions of iOS, it’s possible to face bugs and issues while using them. Today, Apple has already made available four beta versions of iOS 16.2. The company typically releases 5 before releasing its final version. However, the timing of these end of year holidays may compel Apple to release its final version this week. Releasing the update 10 to 15 days before Christmas.

A plan like this gives Apple a few days after the update’s release to fix any issues. And provide users with a stable operating system. Apple used the same approach the previous year. Releasing the final version of iOS 15.2 on December 13, 2021, after only four betas were made available.

The new features

The update will be available on the week of December 12 according to Mark Gurman. It’s a Bloomberg reporter and expert on Apple products. Users should be able to learn about the collaborative application Freeform thanks to this upgrade. Apple will significantly enhance both its Home application and its integration with HomeKit in the remaining anticipated features.

The “live activities” widgets that have been available on the iPhone lock screen since the September release of iOS 16 are reportedly another project Apple is working on. Allowing third party apps to use this service and updating it more frequently would be the issue. Apple does note that this option might affect the device’s battery life, though. The company does not describe the extent of the battery harm caused by this feature.

Apple has added the capability to hide wallpaper and notifications. When the “Always-on display” option is on for the newest iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models. With the use of this feature, you can keep the iPhone’s screen partially on while keeping it “sleep”. The update will provide deeper “sleep” capabilities.

Source: GizChina.