Int’l Summit South Korea 2022: Bishop Isong Tasks Nigerians on Youths’ Potentials

Int’l Summit South Korea 2022: Bishop Isong Tasks Nigerians on Youths’ Potentials

By Nsan Ndoma-Neji

An international Gospel preacher and National Publicity Secretary of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria PFN, Bishop (Dr) Gospel Emmah Isong yesterday called on Nigerian leaders not to hesitate to invest on youths known to have leadership potentials, if leaders are interested to have  egalitarian society.

Isong made the call while speaking in  telephone conversation with our Correspondent from Seoul, South Korea where he is taking part in the   International Leadership Conference/Summit 2022 to join other world great leaders to find a way of sustaining world peace.

The cleric averred that failure to invest on youth known to have potentials of becoming good leaders in the future, the country stands the chance of taking itself anti-clockwise as no nation becomes great without investing hugely on its youths.

Isong who is also General Overseer of Christian Central Chapel International CCCI, a.k.a Faith Mansion World Headquarters Ikot Ene-Obong Calabar, stated that with the right investment on people, with the right values and potentials, Nigeria stand the chance of reclaiming her lost glory and become great again.

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The banker turned preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ of Nazareth stressed that with right training given to young people, with the right values inculcated in young people, and the right people known to have integrity, Nigeria can still be great once again as it were in the days of Awolowo, Nnamdi Azikwe, Tafa Balewa, and several others.

The clergyman averred that when the right individuals put in strategic places  of authority, the country stand the chance to bounce back to its feet.

“A good tree they say yields good fruits, and a bad tree yield bad fruits. Godly leaders promote Godliness. UnGodly people shall promote ungodliness. This is the unchangeable principles of life. Like the Holy Bible said, you reap what you sow”, Isong maintained.

Giving an indepth explanation on why country suddenly became terribly so bad, Isong said, “The ironic belief that people of faith should not be involved in Politics contributed greatly to the breakdown in values, justice, peace and the respect for human rights.”

The PFN scribe stated that the notion that the church and religious community at large should only pray for those in authority was some how a wrong notion that had caused breakdown in law and order.

Isong stated that there was nothing wrong with people of faith aspiring to be in places of authority to infuse the right values into the society.

“Unfortunately history has foist thier lives that men and women of faith must not aspire for Political offices as this is beneath them.
“It is this notorious belief that has left Nigeria in the current state of social and economic devastation.

The General Overseer of Christian Central Chapel International CCCI, called for spirituality to be added into the fabric of governance for a balanced and better country.

Isong stated that given the abundant human and material resources that the country is endowed with Nigeria remains one of the best country in the world nothwithstanding the security challenge which bedeviled the country in recent times.

He called on all hands to be on deck so that the economy of the nation can be revamped, calling on the citizens of the country at home and in diaspora to come up with solution to the country’s problems.

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