Internal Control/Audit Manager at Skynet Worldwide Express

Internal Control/Audit Manager at Skynet Worldwide Express

Internal Control Manager – Job Description Summary 

Responsible for conducting, review of operating procedures; implementing, directing and overseeing the auditing and compliance programs. Conducts and directs audits and ongoing reviews of organization controls, operating procedures, and compliance with policies and regulations. Reviews and appraises the soundness, effectiveness, and proper application of accounting and financial controls, compliance procedures and controls and timeliness of documentation generation. Assesses the adequacy and extent of programs designed to safeguard organization assets. Compiles and issues reports detailing conclusions and providing recommendations for improvements. 

Recommends employee training and modifications to procedures as needed. 

Serves as liaison for all external audit and regulatory agencies

Skills necessary

  • Highly organized
  • efficient, detail-oriented 
  • ability to multitask. 
  • Possess a proactive work ethic
  • Have unbending moral code 
  • Ability to think analytically. 
  • Strong oral and written communication. 
  • You must be able to work interdependently with a team
  • flexibility to thrive in an ever-changing and sometimes loosely structured environment.
  • In addition, in-depth knowledge of applicable regulatory requirements and accounting procedures 


  • Graduate Degree
  • ICAN OR Any other relevant professional qualification
  • Minimum of 7 years’ experience on the Job

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