I’m an intellectual, I don’t talk too much: Bola Tinubu

I’m an intellectual, I don’t talk too much: Bola Tinubu

Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu, has anchored his avoidance of public interaction and media chats on a self-acclaimed intellectual superiority to other contenders for Nigeria’s highest office.

Mr Tinubu took to his Twitter account on Monday, tweeting: “I talk less, think more and do more. I am more of an eagle than a parrot. That is why I fly higher.”

Since he declared interest to be president, Mr Tinubu has not held or attended a press conference, and his public outings have been berated by political analysts and the Nigerian public as exposing his ill-health as well as him not being a “presidential material”.

The former Lagos governor continues to swim against the tide of public opinion in his insistence on succeeding outgoing President Muhammdu Buhari.

Mr Tinubu’s ambitions do not, however, seem to represent the desire of many young people who consider “youthfulness” and agility as key criteria for the country’s next president.

He’s failed to address a number of issues around his identity, age, educational background, and his early years, which have dominated public attention since his declaration.

Additionally, despite sufficient evidence linking him to drug peddling and trafficking in the 90s, Mr Tinubu is yet to address the allegations.

Many Nigerians consider Mr Tinubu’s media silence as a deliberate ploy to avoid answering critical questions and further expose his moral despicability before a curious electorate.

Source: Peoples Gazette.

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